Holy Family Cyo Winter Sports 2014-15

Event Date

Sun, Nov 2, 2014


Rochester, MI

About This Activity


Please click the 'REGISTER NOW' found on the top of this screen to register your child for 2014-2015 Holy Family CYO WINTER Season.


If you experience problems registering using the online system, please contact the customer support helpline at 877-228-4881

Who Can Register

Boys & Girls entering grades 5-8 during the 2014-15 school year that attend St Andrew, St Mary of the Hills, St Irenaeus, St John Fisher, or Sacred Heart churches or Holy Family Regional School are eligible to play. Eligibility is ALSO based on the following criteria: active parish participation, appropriate religious education, parent participation, current health form on file, good academic standing, and adherence to the athlete’s code of conduct.

Student Eligibility - Active Parish Participation

Active parish participation is defined by each individual Pastor. Parish membership registration must occur no later than August 1, for a student to be eligible to participate during the school year. Exceptions will be made upon approval of the Athletic Department for students who have moved into the area and/or have enrolled at Holy Family Regional School after August 1 of the current school year.

Student Eligibility-Appropriate Rel. Education

Appropriate religious education is defined as being enrolled at HFRS or in your (supporting) parish’s religious education program at the start of the school year and maintaining acceptable attendance and participation.

Student Eligibility - Parent Participation

Parent Participation is defined as participation in fundraising, coaching, or administrative tasks in support of the Holy Family CYO athletic program.

Registration Period

Registrations and payments for Holy Family CYO sports teams will only be accepted through this ONLINE system (no hardcopy registration forms - debit or credit card info will be used to pay the registration fee during this registration process). The registration period is Aug 25 - Sept 14, 2014.

Late Registration Info

The LATE registration period is Sept 15 - Sept 26, 2014. A $25.00 late fee has been added to the registration fee and players will be placed on a wait list with no guarantee of a spot on a team. If a child is not placed on a team, the registration fee will be refunded.Registrations will not be accepted after the late registration deadline.

Fee Info

Registration fees are non-refundable if a player drops from a team (sport) after the registration period closes or is ineligible (see eligibility requirements above). A $25.00 processing fee will be charged and any additional registration fee (if applicable) if a player switches sports (based on team space availability) or drops from a team prior to the registration period closing.


Families of registered athletes in the following sports are responsible to work concessions/admissions:BASKETBALL AND CHEERLEADING (there are no concessions/admissions for Bowling)If your child is playing any of the above sports, then your family will be responsible to work during the season. (One family member over 15 years of age must work each shift). No shows for a shift will be charged $150.00.


If you wish to be exempt from working concessions/admissions during the season, then you may pay a $75.00 OPT-OUT fee in leiu of working the shift. Select 'YES' for this fee during registration and your family will be exempt and will not scheduled for concessions/admissions shifts during the season. The $75.00 OPT-OUT fee will be paid during this registration process. This is a non-refundable fee.

CYO Participation Fee

CYO Detroit assesses a $10 participation fee per athlete. This $10 fee is included in the registration fee amount you are paying for your child during this registration process. Please note, $10 of the registration fee paid during registration will be sent to the CYO of Detroit and will not be used to defer any expenses incurred by Holy Family's CYO Program. This is a non-refundable fee.


The only hardcopy form required is your child's physical. Your child's physical form MUST be dated after 4/15/2014 and submitted to the Athletic Department by the 1st assessment/practice date for your child to be eligible to participate. The form can be printed from our website, www.holyfam.org. Click on the ‘ATHLETICS’ tab and then 'FORMS'. NO OTHER FORMS ARE REQUIRED TO BE SUBMITTED. ALL THE REQUIRED INFO WILL BE ENTERED ONLINE DURING THIS REGISTRATION PROCESS.


The Holy Family Athletic Advisory Charter and the CYO League Manual states that a player may not be a member of our CYO athletic team and participate in any athletic competition in the same sport during the same season. This rule specifically applies to: Jr. High School, Middle School, Recreational Leagues, Michigan Youth Teams, AAU Teams/League and any other organized league including neighborhood leagues.


Please remember that teammates are counting on your child to participate in all of the team events, not just the game and practices that fit into their schedule. Parents along with their children need to make choices. If that choice is to split priorities between two activities, we ask that your Holy Family CYO team be the priority during each season. Your child needs to understand that they are making a commitment to their Holy Family teammates to attend all practices and games.


Displayed on the following page. Please click the green 'REGISTER NOW' found on the top right hand side of this screen to register your child.

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