Odyssey Mill Mountain Trail Half Marathon

Event Date

Sun, Oct 18, 2015


Roanoke, VA

About This Activity

The Odyssey Mill Mountain Trail Half Marathon will be a scenic, but challenging trail running race which will start and finish at the Roanoke GO Outside Festival on Sunday, October 18, 2015. The race route will wind up, down, and round Mill Mountain offering panoramic views of the Roanoke Valley and surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains.  The reds, oranges, and yellows of the fall foliage will have your eyes wanting more. See the famous Mill Mountain Star not once, but twice on the 4000' of elevation change to the finish will have your legs saying "Please Stop!" This challenge will be full of memories in more ways then one!

Short and Dirty Race Route: Go Outside Fest- Rivers Edge Sports Complex- Railroad tunnel-Rosalind Ave-McClanahan St.-Roselind Ave-22nd St.- Woodcliff Rd.- Robinhood Rd.- Lower Big Sunny Tr. (Robinhood to Riser)- Riser Tr. (Big Sunny to Ridgeline)- Upper Ridgeline Tr. (Riser to Discovery left)- Side walk (Discovery Center to Mill Mt. Star)- Gravel path (Mill Mt. Star to Star Tr.)- Upper Star Tr. (Top of Star Tr. to Monument )- Lower Monument Tr. ( Star Tr. to Prospect Rd.)- Prospect Rd/Sylvan Rd./Ivy St. (Monument to Crystal Spring)- Crystal Spring Tr. (Ivy to Wood cliff)- Woodcliff Rd.- Robinhood Rd.-  Lower Big Sunny Tr. (Robinhood to Riser)- Upper Big Sunny Tr. (Riser to Prospect Rd.)- Upper Prospect Rd. (Big sunny up to Discovery Center)- Side walk (Discovery Center to Mill Mt. Star)- Gravel path (Mill Mt. Star to Star Tr.)- Upper Star Tr. (Top of Star Tr. to Monument )- Upper Monument (Star Tr. to Mill Mt Spur Rd)- JP Fishburn Parkway (Mill Mt Spur Rd to Star Tr.)- Lower Star Tr. (JP Fishburn Parkway to Monument)- Lower Monument Tr.(Star Tr. to Prospect Rd.)- Lower Prospect Rd (Monument to Big Sunny)- Upper Big Sunny (Prospect Rd. to Riser)- Lower Big Sunny Tr. (Riser to Robinhood)- Robinhood Rd.- Woodcliff St.- 22nd St.- Rosalind Ave - McClanahan St.-Roselind Ave- Railroad tunnel- Rivers Edge Sports Complex - Go Outside Fest.


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