Riverfront 24

Event Date

Sat, May 17, 2014


Riverhead, NY

About This Activity

There are multiple ways to enjoy the Riverfront 24. No matter if you want to run the full 24 hours, 12 hours, as a team or even a few laps, you'll be on the same 1 mile loop around the scenic Riverhead waterfront.

Solo 24 Hour Runners

The course is only a mile long so you always will be close to a nap, a snack or a chair. You know how to stay hydrated and what food to eat, you probably will bring your own but we will also have plenty of food for you if you run out or if you forgot your fuel at home. We plan on providing you with a delicious carbo loading breakfast for you on Saturday. Prizes go to the top three finishers. Race begins on Sat at 12:00 PM.

Solo 12 hour Runners:

You probably have done some marathons or 50K and will try the 24-hour run next year but want to ease into it this year. You also know how to stay hydrated and what food to eat but we also will provide you with some treats and full support. Winners get bragging rights and free admission to next years race in the 24 hour category. Race begins on Sun morning at 12 AM (midnight).


All types of teams are encouraged to participate. All types of teams will be competing against each other. Each team will pay a one-time fee of $24 and each team member will pay a $10 donation fee to participate on your team. Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams with the most number of miles. This is NOT a relay event. If you want to take turns you may but it is not required. Race begins whenever one of your team members starts participating, the earliest start time is Saturday at 12:00 PM.

Solo Lappers:

It is only a half mile lap and you can walk it as slowly as you want to. You do the one lap, you feel pretty good and you decide to do a few more. You have fun, you listen to great music, meet many awesome people and drop all the cash you have on hand into the raffle boxes. You have a great day and you feel great about the tangible support you have given to our Vets. Entry donation fee, $10 Event begins Sat at 12:00 PM (noon), you can come join in at any time up to Sunday at 12:00 PM (noon).

This is a benefit for the Suffolk County Homefront http://www.riverfront24.com

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