Trail 2 Trail Series: Huntington State Park

Event Date

Sun, Jun 8, 2014


Redding, CT

About This Activity

Part of the 2014 Trail Runner magazine Trophy Series.
USATF sanctioned.
Fuel100 Electro-Bites
Road ID
Trailrunner Magazine
Lost Worlds Racing
Xero Shoes

Description: A 80% single track trail and 20% double fire-road trails in Huntington State Park, Connecticut. The 2014 race is partially rerouted. 
---Their will be a 5k loop, 10k loop, and 2 loops for the Half with and extra single track section. 
---The 10k is partially rerouted to take advantage of a more scenic route and to follow a challenging rocky section that used to only be part of the 5k; now all lengths get to experience this section. 
---The Half follows the 10k route then loops back down a fire-road section to meet back up with the 10k route in reverse; a new single track section is added to make the Half distance (this new section is a challenging single track section just before you continue back onto the last 1.5 mile of the original trail (which is reverse of the first 1.5 miles of all the race distances). 
These new updates will make the race more scenic, challenging, and (for the Half) easier and less confusing to follow. 

Each finisher will receive a finishers buff.
the 1/2 marathon for Huntington will receive a finishers medal.
Each runner can purchase a 2014 “trail 2 trail series” t-shirt. This t-shirt does not come with any one registration but can be purchased separately or is given to anyone who signs up for all 3 races and this will be given at our 3rd race.. 
The Huntington state park and the Kettletown state park races are part of the Trail Runner Magazines Trophy Series. (This is a special point system and the Trophy Series will designate their own winners). 
Trail 2 Trail Series will also have a point system. The winner will be announced less than 1 week after the 3rd race. This is where the Grand Prize will be announced soon.
All races will be USATF sanctioned.
The Kettletown 50k is sponsored by Hammer Nutrition.
All races are sponsored by the road ID:
See you there!!

Event schedule and times

All Races will start at 9AM.   Please allow plenty of time for parking and and obtraining your packets for the event.

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