Randolph Lake Tri

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Sun, Jul 12, 2015


Randolph, NJ

About This Activity

Race Location: Randolph Lake - Green Lane, Randolph, NJ

Arrival Time: We would like to encourage all athletes to arrive at race site no later than 6:30am. Parking lots will begin filling up by 7am.

Registration, Packet Pickup, and Body Marking: Sunday 7/12 ONLY - 6:00 to 7:30am

Pre-Race Instructions/Meeting: This meeting will take place at the transition area at approx. 7:45am. At this pre-race meeting we will go over the race instructions, course, etc.

Transition Area: The transition area is located on the grass above the beach. The bike racks will be numbered (not individually, but ranges of numbers) and triathletes must rack their bike on their designated rack. No bike storage overnight. Transition area will be emptied at 7:45am to ensure athletes are at the beach ready to swim.

Only participants are allowed in the transition area. The bikes racks will be fenced in so only athletes can access the area. Only the race participant may remove his/her bike from the transition area. Participants must run their bikes to the transition area entrance before mounting and must dismount at the transition area entrance upon completing the bike leg.

Swim: Swim caps are provided at packet pickup and must be worn, to identify your wave number. Be prepared to swim at 7:45am, we'll have a briefing and national anthem ceremony before the race begins. The swim is a wave start (i.e, swimmers will begin in 4 groups).

Wave 1 - Men 39 and under - 8:00am
Wave 2 - Men 40 - 49 - 8:03am
Wave 3 - Women 44 and under - 8:06am
Wave 4 - Men 50+, Women 45+, Relays - 8:09am

The swim is an in-water start, running parallel to the shore and is marked with bouys. Swimmers must swim on the left of the buoys at all times. There will be plenty of lifeguard support in the water. If you feel you need assistance during the swim, roll over on your back and raise your hand in the air. You can also legally lean on floatation devices and not get disqualified, you just can not use these devices to propel yourself forward.

Swimmers will exit the water on the beach, down the beach from the start, and directly in front of the transition area. They will make a short run up the beach into transition.

IMPORTANT: If you have to abandon during the swim (or any other part of the race), please notify 1) a Paramount official wearing a yellow collared shirt, and 2) the Compuscore timing team, which will be set up near the start.

Bike: Bikers will exit the transition area and ride south on Green Lane to begin the bike leg. Helmets are required - and must be fastened before leaving the transition area.The bike course is not entirely closed to traffic - please ride cautiously. There will be approximately 400 bikes on the course at all times - and the speeds will be very high. Slower riders must stay to the right to allow faster cyclist to pass on the left.No headphones, earphones, or radio-type device are allowed - period.

The beginning and ending of the bike course passes under Route 10. This underpass has major pothole damage. Please reduce your speed, and exercise great caution when riding this section. Mile markers will be spread out - at 2, 5, 8, 10, 12, and 14.4 (two miles to go)

Run: Runners will exit the transition area and head north through the woods. Water will be available at mile .75, mile 1.5 and mile 2.You must wear your race number during the run, and it must be visible at the finish in order to guarantee your time is recorded. AGAIN, no headphones, earphones, or radio-type devises are allowed - period.

If you want to view the courses on G-Maps, check out these bike and run course links. A Google Earth file is also available for download!

Results: Results will be posted on www.compuscore.com, typically the day after the event.

Awards Ceremony: Awards presentation will begin immediately after the last finisher completes the race. The awards ceremony will take place at the Race Finish. Awards will not be mailed out. The awards ceremony is expected to take place at 11:00am.

Awards Divisions: Awards are given in the standard age group divisions, top 3 male & female, top 3 relay teams (male, female, mixed). No duplication of awards.

Post-race Refreshments: Post race refreshments will be provided at the finish area.

Parking: Please arrive EARLY to ensure a spot near transition. Parking is available at the following locations (links go to satellite photos):

1) Randolph Park

2) Academy Learning Center

3) Black River Barn

4) Marty's Reliable

5) Route 10 Shopping Center

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