Me Myself & I Mystery Marathon - PART 2!

Event Date

Fri, May 1, 2020


Port Orchard, WA

About This Activity

Why not make use of this stay-home order and earn some bling?

Races are in a state of flux.  Runners and walkers are missing those start lines,  camaraderie and finisher's medals! 

Race directors are missing you!!  What we're not missing is an abundance of leftover race medals and shirts!  

For $25, plus $2.50 SignUp fee, you will receive one of our awesome race shirts, medals and bibs from prior races.  You will also have access to the Me Myself & I Mystery Marathon Strava Club (not required) to submit your training and get encouragement from others going the social distance! (LIMITED TO CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES ONLY.  NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.)  

Save $10 if 3 or more people sign up at the same time who have the SAME MAILING ADDRESS :)  Choose Multi-Person Pricing when registering 3 or more people at the same time.


First mailings will begin the second week in May.  

You will have the month of May to complete a marathon distance. Run, walk or crawl.  Run it a mile at a time or do the whole marathon at once!  Submit your final results to  If you're running the marathon in smaller segments, keep track of your mileage and time.  Add up your total time for the 26.2 miles for submission.  You do not need to run or walk 26.2 miles in one workout.  This can be done throughout the entire month of May.   For you overachievers out there, you can add an extra medal and shirt to your order if you think you can do this twice!

If you are hoping for a specific medal and/or shirt, please email me your request. I have been getting Facebook message, comments in posts, and emails and it's getting confusing ;)  Please using subject line:  Special Shirt/Medal Request.  That way, I'll be able to find all of them.There are no guarantees you will get what you requested, but if I have it, it's yours!  If you ordered an extra shirt and I don't have your size, I will contact you to see if you want a different shirt or a refund.  

Also ladies, if you are requesting the Hippie shirt, these are unisex so I will be sizing down as they run large.  

This is all on the honor system. You don't have to prove anything, but please share on social media if you can :)  We love pictures!

Now is a great time to keep up with or begin your fitness journey.  Take it one day and one mile at a time!  

Links to create routes and track mileage (especially helpful if you don't have a gps watch):

**Most race shirts are male/female.  Women will receive one size smaller if I choose a unisex shirt from a previous race.  

Face buffs for sale in the STORE section.  $5 each plus $2 shipping.  You will have an opportunity to add that to your race registration order.

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