Grass Roots Racing-TURFF-The Urban Race For Fifty

Event Date

Sat, Apr 12, 2014


Pittsburgh, PA

About This Activity

Like all of Grass Roots races, TURFF is run in a ROGAINE format.  But unlike the other races, TURFF is held in an urban environment and racers navigate using city maps, road signs, and their (or bystander's) knowledge of the local area. This makes TURFF the best choice for first tmers.

Racers will choose whether they want to complete the short 3 hour course, or the longer 6 hour version.  They can then choose which control points (CP'S) they will retrieve, and whether they will retrieve them on foot or bike.  The CP's are assigned point values based on how easy or hard they are to retrieve.  Distance traveled, hills climbed, and tricky navigation will all be elements that will increase a CP's point value.  Also--any CP retrieved on foot will carry double the value compared to retrieving it on bike.  A good strategy for TURFF is probably one that will figure out the perfect blend of cycling to the far outlying CP's and running to closer CP's.  But the final strategy is up to the racers themselves.  The end goal is to retrieve the most points within the assigned time limit--as racers will lose 1 point for each minute they exceed the 3 or 6 hour limit.

TURFF racers will be primarily travelling on paved roads, so any type of non-motorized bike is acceptable (road, mountain, hybrid, etc.).  Having said that, many racers were quite successful last year by running to ALL the CP's that they chose to visit.  So in that respect a bike is not considered mandatory gear.  If racers do choose to use their bikes, a helmet is mandatory.

Event schedule and times

Suggested Gear for TURFF:

Bike--road, mountain, or hybrid.  If biking, a bike helmet is required.

Running shoes and clothing--or comfortable alternative

Map case (or gallon zip loc) to protect map, clue sheet, and answer sheet.

Pen or pencil to record answers.

Hydration pack, or water bottles.

Cash to buy food or drink on course.

Cell phone for emergency (may not be used for guidance or outside help).

Schedule for TURFF:

7:00 am Registration and Transition Area open.

8:00 am Maps and clue sheets with point values are distributed.

9:00 am Race start for all divisions.

12:00 pm Race end for 3 hour division with awards shortly after.

3:00 pm Race end for 6 hour division with awards shortly after.

Food and beverage will be available at race end. Racers are invited to bring anything they would like to share.


Location for TURFF:

The exact location for TURFF will be announced in the weeks leading up to race day.  Start location will be in the downtown, or East End areas of Pittsburgh.

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