Grass Roots Laurel Highland Season Finale

Event Date

Sat, Sep 20, 2014


Pittsburgh, PA

About This Activity

The LHSF is the crowning touch on an exciting race series. Those participating in the series will welcome the opportunity to collect twice as many points in this 6-12 hour event, and their series total will benefit when their total for the day will be doubled.  This is an excellent event for the intermediate to advanced racer, and will include up to 15 miles of trekking and over 25 miles of biking.  Strong navigational skills are a must, and the race will focus on that skill for both the bike and the run sections.

Event schedule and times

Required Gear for LHSF:

Mountain Bike

Bike Helmet

Map case (or gallon zip loc) to protect map, clue sheet, and punch card.


Hydration pack, or water bottles.

Cell phone for emergency (may not be used for guidance or outside help).

Suggested Gear for LHSF:
Running shoes and clothing--or comfortable alternative
Pen or pencil to take notes.
Schedule for LHSF:
6:00 am Registration and Transition Area open.
7:00 am Maps and clue sheets with point values are distributed.
8:00 am Race start for all divisions.
2:00 pm Race end for 3 hour division with awards shortly after. 

8:00 pm Race end for 6 hour division with awards shortly after.
Food and beverage will be available at race end. Racers are invited to bring anything they would like to share.

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