27th Annual Triathlon/Biathlon

Event Date

Thu, Dec 3, 2015


East Pittsburgh, PA

About This Activity

TRI The Challenge!

Join us for the 27th annual indoor triathlon/biathlon that will be held at the Westin Workout Pittsburgh.  Choose which events and how many you would like to participate in.  The main event is held from 4pm-7pm, but participants can come anytime between 7am and 7pm to participate in your choice of event(s).

Food and beverages will be provided during the main event.  Awards will be handed out at the closing of the main event.  T-shirts are included for all pre-registered participants.


Event details and schedule

DATE  Thursday, December  3, 2015

MAIN EVENT:   4 p.m. - 7p.m.

TIME: 7 a.m. – 7 p.m(please call Chris or notate to schedule)

LOCATION:    Westin Workout

                      4th floor Westin Convention Center

DEADLINE:   All mailed entries must be received by Monday November 30, 2015.

Race Day Registration is also available at the door.

  The course consists of:

  •  500 yard swim       
  •  2,000 meter row
  •  4-mile ride on Schwinn Airdyne
  •  2-mile run on treadmill

 Choose from:

  •  One Event
  •  Biathlonany combination of two events
  •  Triathlon– swim/bike/run for awards
  •  Triathlon– row/bike/run for non-award
  •  Quadathlon– all four events
  •  Team Entry—4 members


  •  Events will be run in heats.
  •  You will be scheduled according to your time limitations.
  •  Individuals doing the multiple events will have a five-minute grace period between events.
  •  Use of flotation or swimming devices in the pool is prohibited.
  •  You must stay on the treadmill the entiredistance of the run and cannot use handrails to support weight.

For More Information, Contact:

Chris Gibson




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