Copy of Voyage to Venus Running Challenge - Phoenix

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Sun, Nov 30, 2014


Phoenix, AZ

About This Activity

For a limited time, register directly on our website and use promo code ACTIVE to save 40% on any of our paid registrations! (expires December 1). Sign up HERE.

What is the Voyage to Venus?

Have you ever wanted to run in space? Now is your chance.  Moon Joggers is looking for 25,000 runners (walkers and joggers too) to join our challenge this year and help us run enough miles to get to Venus!  It is a 25 million mile journey and our crew of 25,000 will commit to run, on average, 1000 each in 2014! Each individual will commit to a specified amount of miles and will move up the rankings in our crew as they log more and more miles. Some will set the goal to run 100 miles this year, while our ultra runners will commit to run 4,000 or even more miles!  If you are looking for motivation, competition, friendship, inspiration or all of the above, join us now! We are still looking for crew members to join us!

Official Launch Date was January 1, 2014

Sign up and set a personal goal for which ranking you will achieve in one year. Below is a list of rankings for our Voyage.  As you log your running and walking miles you’ll see yourself move up  in the rankings:

  • 100 Miles: Space Rangers (great for kids)
  • 500 Miles: Cadets (great for beginners)
  • 750 Miles: Private
  • 1,000 Miles: Officers
  • 1,500 Miles: Ensigns
  • 2,014 miles: Lieutenants
  • 2,500 miles: Commanders
  • 3,000 miles:  Captains
  • 4,000 miles: Commodores
  • 5,000 miles: Admirals (the top three runners will receive Golden Moon Boot Award)

Sign up now! Participants will receive:

  • Official Voyage to Venus T-shirt
  • V2V Window Sticker
  • V2V Bracelet
  • V2V Button
  • V2V Running Bib
  • V2V Welcome Letter
  • A beautiful finisher’s medal according to the highest ranking you achieve in 2014.

* Shipping costs are included in your participation fee. You will receive your package in December.

Also, throughout the year, you’ll receive:

  • 20% off all of our virtual races
  • Log your miles on our website and be listed in our results page
  • Priority spotlights and guest posts on our website
  • Possible sponsor/race discounts throughout the world
  • Special awards/contests (such as Golden Moon Boot Award for our top three runners of the year)
  • Participate in our community page on Facebook and connect with Moon Joggers all over the world

Finally, for signing up you will also:

  • Be entered into a drawing at the end of the year.  For every 500 people that sign up, we will give away one $500 Visa Gift Card.  Our goal is 25,000 participants, which means we’ll be giving away 50 or more $500 gift cards. (We know how expensive running and participating in events can be and we like to give back to our runners.
  • And last, but not least, we will donate a portion of each registration to our favorite charity: Little Heroes Foundation.  Our goal is $50,000!

Little Heroes is committed to improve the well being of children worldwide and we are committed to helping them in this amazing cause.  Visit their website to see the different projects they are working on throughout the world to bless the lives of children.

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For a limited time, register directly on our website and use promo code ACTIVE to save 40% on any of our paid registrations! (expires December 1). Sign up HERE.


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