Intro to Good Form Running - Perrysburg

Event Date

Wed, Apr 6, 2016


Perrysburg, OH

About This Activity

In this class, we will teach you the four simple but highly effective points that will help you transform into a more efficient, healthy runner. By mastering these points, you will be able to run faster, easier, and most importantly injury free. You will have the opportunity to have your gait analyzed on camera and have the chance to practice the Good Form technique which will dramatically effect your running form.

The first thing we do at the GFR clinic is give a slight introduction to the fundamental points of the GFR program: The aim is to keep it simple, the goal is to get you running faster, easier and with out injury, and the belief is that running is a SKILL to be learned and practicing these points can make all the difference in the level of quality, efficiency, and enjoyment of your running.

Next the class transitions into the filming portion where we capture the participants running. This footage will be used as a reference after you go through the drilling portion of the clinic. The goal here is teach the proper form and skill, that is running, to show how you can run more naturally.

The drills portion lasts for about 25 minutes and takes you through the 3 points of Good Form Running. It gives you a chance to practice the three points in action under direction of the GFR trainer.

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