Casco Bay Islands SwimRun

Other, 5 Mile

Event Date

Tue, Nov 8, 2016


Peaks Island, ME

About This Activity

Inspired by the preeminent, international swimrun race series OTILLO ("island to island), originating in Sweden in 2006, two multisport veterans looking for the next adventure are pleased to once again present in 2017 the ONLY "OTILLO- style" swimrun event in North America. Consisting of multiple, alternating swim and overland running legs (island roads, trails, and shoreline scrambles) between several islands in Portland, Maine’s spectacular Casco Bay, SwimRun will test competitors with run legs across varied island island terrain and several miles of open water swimming. For 2017, a Long Course event is in the works for approximately 5 miles of open water swimming and nearly 15 miles of overland routing over 10 islands. A simultaneous Short Course event for newcomers will consist of approximately 2.25 miles of swimming and 6.5 miles of overland racing over 4 islands.

Remaining true to the originators of the OTILLO, Casco Bay Islands Swimrun is a two-person team event. Not a relay, teamates must race the entire course together. Rules permit swim aids such as hand paddles, pull buoys, wetsuits and even swim fins to name a few. Certain safety gear is mandated by race rules and hydration and race fuel can be carried too, but what one starts with, so too must they finish. Changing from trail shoes to swim fins, or tending to awkward gear can chew up valuable time. Having the right teammate and equipment can make all the difference

A WORD OF ADVICE - Being honest about your open water swimming skills will be the key to your joy or disappointment on race day. Please carefully consider if the Long Course is for you. It will entail dealing with tidal currents, possible wind, surface chop and ocean swells over nearly 5 miles of swimming, and require you to be competent with sighting skills in locating landing zones that may not be immediately apparent on an opposite shore. At least two "hard stop" check points will be located within the long course that must be reached within an established time frame. Failing to do so will disqualify your team from continuing onward. Race management will identify teams that will not be permitted to complete the race at that point and return DQ'd teams to the finish venue as resources become available. You NEED TO BE A STRONG AND CONFIDENT OPEN WATER SWIMMER able to contend with a very dynamic environment in order to compete successfully in the Long Course event. Wetsuits covering the full torso and upper thighs at a minimum are MANDATORY.

Following the November 7 application deadline, race organizers will select a limited number of Long Course teams that have chosen "Elite" status consideration. Their endurance/adventure racing resume will be evaluated as a basis for their team to be awarded a slot. All remaining and general entry Long Course applications will then be pooled for a random lottery selection. All applications for Short Course selection will be pooled in the same manner. TO QUALIFY FOR THE SELECTION PROCESS, TEAMS MUST SUBMIT THEIR APPLICATION FOR 2 DISTINCT MEMBERS. ANY "TEAM" ENTRY WITH ONLY ONE MEMBER WILL BE DROPPED AND NOT INCLUDED IN THE ORDERING Teams will be awarded slots on December 15. On January 1, all selected teams will be required to submit their team entry fee ($650 for Long Course, $450 for Short) to confirm their team slot. Failing to do so by January 9 will forfeit the team slot, and it will roll down to the next ordered team.

Hopefuls are encouraged to visit the official OTILLO website and the Official Film: OTILLO 2015 The Swimrun World Championship to learn more about this challenging event and gain insight on optimal gear selection. Casco Bay Islands SwimRun is produced by USA SwimRun LLC.

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