9/11 Twin Towers Challenge

Event Date

Wed, Jun 11, 2014


Panama City, FL

About This Activity

Honor our fallen heroes, who sacrificed so much for our country on 9/11/2001, by completing the 9/11 Twin Towers Challenge.  This Challenge consists of 220 flights of stairs to be climbed in the fastest time you can manage.  This is to symbolize the physical requirements of what our heroes underwent that dredfull day.  Although you will not have gear or poor conditions, this will give you a similar feeling of ascending 110 flights in one tower and descending 110 flights to evacuate the building.  Please remember it was a burning building, which is why speed is impairative.

Event schedule and times

* Event runs from 6/11/2014-9/11/2014.  You can choose any day to complete the challenge.

* What to wear: Fitness apparel and athletic shoes.

* Rules: Must check in at the front desk prior to starting the challenge.

  • The only arm position is holding the heart rate toggles.
  • There will be no leaning or resting on the machine at any given time during the challenge.  Resting on the machine will consistitute as disqualification from challenge.  Must repeat from beginning to requalify.
  • As you draw near the 220th floor, you have two options to verify the completion time.  One: Inform the front desk staff to have them come over and witness the completion time and floors.  Two: (preferred method) Take a screen shot of the workout summary screen with phone and show it to front desk.  This will allow the staff to enter your completion time and see where you stand amongst other competitors.           

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