Deuces, 2020!

Event Date

Fri, Jan 1, 2021


Palm Coast, FL

About This Activity

Have you ever felt more eager to say goodbye to a year than you are for 2020?! I know there have been a lot of great memories, lessons learned, etc but it has also been challenging as he!! to say the least. Let's start off 2021 with a walk or a run and say "Deuces!" to 2020! (what does "Deuces" mean you ask? It's throwing up our 2 peace sign fingers and saying "see you later" "peace out" "bu-bye" "sayonara" "good riddance")

Anytime the first week of January, the 1st-7th, go out for a 20:21 walk or run (20 minute 21 second). During the walk or run set your intentions for the year. How will you make it better than 2020? What did you learn from 2020? What did you love and what are you glad to say goodbye to? 

How far can you get in 20:21? Log your results online so we can all see! Or don't, that's ok too. 

You will receive a hooded sweatshirt & sticker with our rad logo on it as well as a bib # to wear during your walk or run. You must sign up by December 1st to get these items in time!! If you register after December 1st you will not receive them by January 1st. You'll be able to download your bib after registering and your sweatshirt & sticker will arrive mid to late January. 


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