APOCALYPSE of Fortitude

Event Date

Sat, Aug 17, 2019


Owosso, MI

About This Activity


Can you survive the trails of Fortitude? Can you handle the unknown? The APOCALYPSE of Fortitude is coming.........August 17th, 2019 

Test your survival skills through our course. Return with 4 flags, either your life flags (red) or safe flags (white) and receive $5 voucher for your next race at Fortitude.

HOW IT WORKS:  Each participant will start with 4 red flags tucked into their waist band at the start. Participants will walk or run the designated route while being taunted by zombies. If a zombie grabs your flag, the participant will have the opportunity to regain a safe flag (white) by performing a certain task at one of the 4 designated recharge locations. If the participant completes the certain task, he/she will receive a white flag. There will be objects/obstacles to go over and around throughout the trails, possibly slowing you down for the zombies to prey on.

We have 9 heats total. Each heat will have a max of 20 people. Every 15 mins, the next heat will start.

SAVE $5 by creating a SURVIVAL TEAM of 4+ team members

Each participant will receive a Fortitude sports towel.    There will be refreshments for all participants to enjoy after they survive the apocalypse.

*Red flags are "life" flags & White flags are "safe" flags, which cannot be taken away. 

Flags must be placed on hips. Do not place them in the front or rear, hopefully for obvious reasons. Participants and zombies must not engage with physical force. If it happens, we will ask the individual (s) to leave the course.

*This will not be a chipped/timed race*

PARTY with the ZOMBIES!!!!!! The bar will be open before, during and after the heats

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