ERS Ascend to 2021 Challenge

Event Date

Tue, Dec 1, 2020


Oceanside, CA

About This Activity

Welcome to the Endurance Race Series' ASCEND TO 2021 CHALLENGE...

Let's face it, 2020 was a "dumpster fire" of a year for almost everyone. So lets climb out of the dumpster and into 2021 where possibilities are on the rise!

This is a TEAM CHALLENGE. So get your TEAM OF 3 ready and prepare for some massive gains... ELEVATION GAINS THAT IS!

Each team will have the entire month of December to gain as many TOTAL feet of elevation as possible. Each team member will need to log their results with RunSignUp (daily recommendation) and record your elevation gains, allowing the ERS to track team leaderboards and milestones through the course of the month.  You can get your elevation gains by running, walking, or hiking. (no biking). Best way to track those elevation gains is by your GPS watch, Apple Watch, or Fitness Tracker App (just make sure it records your elevation gain for the day). 

We will announce a Top 5 leaderboard weekly  (Friday's @ 12pm PDT)

During the challenge the ERS has set milestones, the first team to reach that specific milestone will be awarded with an ERS sponsor prize. (Prizes TBD). Each milestone reached will be awarded a "larger" prize.  At the end of the ASCEND TO 2021 CHALLENGE, the first place team will be awarded an OVERALL WINNER prize (Overall Prize TBD)


  • 25,000 FEET  (Sponsored by Blue Rub)
  • 50,000 FEET  (Sponsored by Goodr)
  • 75,000 FEET  (Sponsored by Perspective Fit Wear)
  • 100,000 FEET (Sponsored by Implus Brands)

RESULTS SUBMISSION: Participants will be able to record their daily totals through the RunSignUp platform. For detailed information on how to submit those results please see the following link... 

LINKING GPS WATCHES AND APPS: Participants will be able to link their GPS watches or tracker apps to the RunSignUp platform. For detailed information on how to link these devices please follow this link... 

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