Stronger Than Cancer Challenge

Event Date

Sun, Jun 22, 2014


Oakland, ME

About This Activity

The event is a hybrid of a “Muddy Challenge” & “Obstacle Course”…focusing more on OBSTACLES. We would plan to use the Trail system at the high school as our route for the challenge run with a variety of obstacle along the route for runners to overcome. We are planning on 12+ obstacles including:  Tire Cross – Low Belly Crawl - Low & High Spider Web – Rabbit Hole Crawl-Thru – Uneven Stump Cross – Raised Balance Beam – Water Slide* - High & Low Wall Climb – Pond Cross* - Fire Hose Mist – Hay Mountain – Tunnel Crawl

Our goal is to provide a fun, exciting and unique event here at our School to benefit two of our own alumni, Karen Easler-Gardner and her husband Brian Gardiner who both this past year were diagnosed with Cancer. As a group of alumni we felt compelled to help them, and with them living thousands of miles away we had to be creative. SO we have chosen to fundraise to assist them with medical bills, house hold expenses and other family needs that they might encounter. Keeping the community link with the school, the students, the community and alumni is a bond we hope to be able to build upon.
Sadly we know that cancer is here and effects so many so it would be our hope of making this an annual event with a different Cancer Related Benefit, such as a local family, an alumni, a general foundation or something similar. We are looking to include various school athletic teams and clubs as volunteers, again strengthening the community bond and school pride.

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