Marathon Hash 26.9


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Sat, May 21, 2016


Northborough, MA


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About This Activity

MARATHON HASH 26.9 is a Hash House Harriers trail run. The secret course is made up of 4 different segments. The first segment is a long trail. If you are unsure of your running abiity, you should skip the long trail, but the other 3 segments are easy, and are no more than 3-6 miles each. The total length of all 4 trails is 26.9 miles.

Runners may choose to run as many, or as few segments as they wish, and along the way, the runnners are supported by BEER, singing and a stretch limousine.
The limousine will drop you off at the beginning of each trail segment, and will be waiting for you at the end of each trail segment. When you reach the limo, you can take a rest and a drink of BEER or water, while you wait for the slowest particiant to board. Then, the limo will then take you to the next segment start.

Each segment will include off-road trail running and and will be marked spontaneously with flour and chalk by a lead runner, called a "hare." Catch him if you can!

This is not a timed event, and it will take up to 11 hours to complete. You can run as many or as few segments as you wish. Our primary goals are to keep the pack together, and to empty the limo of all the BEER.

Each participant will receive a trophy-grade, Marathon Hash 26.9 medal at the end!

Event details and schedule

The second annual MARATHON 26.9 is a compilation of 5 trails, adding up to 26.9 miles. A trophy grade MARATHON 26.9 MEDAL, beer, and a pizza dinner are included in this un-timed, magnificent event.
TRAIL #1 (3 miles): Begins with the Town of Northboro 250th 5K, with (GASP!) muggles, timing and race bibs, etc. It starts at 10:00AM sharp... so be there at 9:30 AM to get your complementary race-ist bib, race-ist t-shirt, etc. Start and finish at an elementary school, so keep your clothes on unless you want to end up on the Northboro sex offender's list.
TRAIL #2 (9 - 11 miles): Begins at the Trail #1 finish line... and will be an actual hash trail with BEER, hared by the infamous ILDPW. Expect miles of adventure and a drink and a rest every 1-2 miles or so. You can do it!
TRAIL #3 (4-6 miles): Sometime at about 12:30PM, the pack arrives to start the next trail at Tenka, 153 Turnpike Road, Westboro, MA. Slackers can join here, or board the limo and slack some more. This trail is hared by Teabag, so you know it's going to be shitty, anyway.
TRAIL #4 (3-5 miles): Limousine takes us to an out-of-town trailhead and we're off again, chasing after our hare, Little Bear.
TRAIL #5 (2-5 miles): Limousine takes us to an out-of-town trailhead and we're off again. Hopefully, there will be a pizza check check on trail

MARATHON HASH 26.9 is hosted by the Northboro Hash House Harriers, a chapter of the International Hash House Harriers Runnng Club.

For more information about the Northboro Hash House Harriers and about hashing, visit


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