Scoogie Events KIDS' Multi Race Discount for 1/2 mile kid's runs!

Event Date

Wed, Dec 12, 2018


North Wales, PA

About This Activity

The Scoogie Events Multi Race Discount Program is now not only for can now GIVE THE GIFT OF RUNNING TO YOUR CHILDREN!

The Scoogie Events KIDS' Multi Race Discount allows you to select any 10 1/2 mile kid's run at any of our events for 1 price: $100! 
This is an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL and is a savings of $12 per race from race day pricing! 
But, this offer ENDS on December 31st!!

 ~It's easy...

Here's how~

1. Register for Scoogie Events KIDS' Multi-Race Discount Program (on the registration page HERE!) for one low price ($100) (EXPIRES 12/31/18!!)


~If you're getting the KIDS' Multi Race Discount for yourself, put in your information.

~IF you're getting the KIDS' Multi-Race Discount for  YOUR CHILDREN  or SOMEONE ELSE'S CHILDREN as a gift (so nice of you btw:-),

put in THEIR INFORMATION in as you are all registering BUT PUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN so that YOU GET THE CODE and can then SURPRISE THEM with this awesome gift!

You will then receive an email with a unique code that allows THE CHILD (or children) to then register OR you to give to that special child so that THEY can register for ANY 10 1/2 mile kid's run at any of our events (not the Du or Tri).

~IMPORTANT NOTE: THE person (child) (and ONLY that person/child) that has their information (Name, address, age etc) on the KIDS' Multi Race Discount Program registration page will be the one that gets to use the special code AND IT CAN ONLY BE USED FOR 1/2 mile kid's run at any of our events!

So, make sure that if you are giving this as a gift, you put THEIR name and as much info that you know about them (the name is MOST important, you don't have to know too much other information BECAUSE THAT (THEIR NAME) IS WHAT IS VERIFIED EACH TIME THAT THEY REGISTER FOR AN EVENT...IT'S VERIFIED THAT THEY ARE REGISTERED TO USE THE SPECIAL CODE!)...

Then when they go to register for the 10 1/2 mile kid's run at any of our events throughout the year, that is when they put their specific information such as vanity name, age etc

3. Then, if you're giving it as a gift, maybe buy or make a really cool card and put that card in the same box that you put the surprise puppy dog in :-) & in that card, create a neat gift card (simply draw one with dotted lines) that says: YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN THE GIFT OF RUNNING!! so they can cut this gift card out with the code on it and put in in an important place!

They'd love you even more than they already do!! :-)


4. Then, whoever the KIDS' Multi-Race Discount Program was registered to can then register ANY TIME they want for ANY 10 1/2 mile kid's run at any of our events!!!

5. Go RUN :-)

Pretty cool huh? (We think so:-)

~If you have ANY questions what so ever, shoot us an email and I can guarantee you that we will return your email within the hour...probably a lot faster :-)

We hope that this BRAND NEW KIDS' Multi-Race Discount Program will help keep your children RUNNING HAPPY!!

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