Run Haiti

Event Date

Thu, Mar 6, 2014


North Little Rock, AR

About This Activity

Run Haiti is a 3 day stage race that will take you from the palace in Port au Prince, up to majestic mountains, down to the Caribbean ocean. This can be one of the most challenging and fulfilling adventures you will ever have. This run is not for the faint of heart or narrow minded, or the faint minded or narrow hearted. If either applies please do not  register for this particular race. Your time and money can be spent in other fulfilling ways.

The milage breakdown is 99% double/single track, windy, hopping over pigs, weaving through villages and markets, and dodging a moto for 75 miles. The first day crawling up 5,000 ft for 17 miles to rest in the town of Furcy where the air is fresh and crisp. This will be a sharp contrast from the overcrowded streets of Port au Prince that you ran away from. The second day you will leave Furcy the gate way to the mountain pass to transverse a well traveled route to the Parc La visite. To get to the Park Le Visite you will have to transverse 9,000 feet of climbing before you arrive at the pine forest. Here in the pine forest the single track will begin as you weave through trees, pass a waterfall, a sink hole, and a small town called Seguin, our 2nd day destination. Your bone tired body will fall asleep under the stars at the top of the world after a hearty meal of rice and lamb. The third day you will have a final down hill 26 mile run to the ocean. It is up to you to hammer down the hill or slow down and take in the sights as you begin to see the Caribbean ocean in the distance. Where else can you experience such an amazing culture, beautiful people, and breath taking sights as you push your body to its limits? 


If you have any hesitations about your ability to complete this race or endure this culture please contact the race director prior to signing up. We want this to be pleasant experience, so with questions or comments do not hesitate to contact. 



Event schedule and times

Run Haiti 2014: March 6th-9th


Day 1: Arrive to Haiti at airport. Transported to Haiti Medical Missions of Memphis's St. Charlies Clinic in Croix de Bouquet the Base Camp for Run Haiti. Donations from the event go to support this amazing clinic which you will be able to see first hand. The clinic in on beautiful oasis where you will find loding and food. The food will be typical Haitian style and bunk house style sleeping. This will give an opportunity to share race information and to meet your fellow runners. 

Day 2:  Early start. Begin running from Palace in Port au Prince to the lodge in Furcy. This is a 17 mile run with a 5,000 foot ascent. 

Day 3: The Mountain Pass. Leave Furcy to transverse the mountain pass to Parc La Visite. The mountain pass is not shaded very exposed, steep, double track that is about 10 miles. After this there will be an aid station with water and fruit. After this aid station you will enter into the the Parke Le Visite and 6 miles of single track begins. The trails will be marked with flagging and you will have a map. For the advanced group, after the single track, you have the choice to run to the after party at a school ~5 miles away on double track road. At this point in the day if participants are smoked they can hitch a ride  to the after party. The party will be held at a local school where we will dance and celebrate like you never have before. We will end this day at Kaye Winnie (The house of Winnie). Tents and mats will be provided for you there. Dress warmly for sleeping, it gets chilly in the mountains. We will have a light lunch after the race, and big dinner provided at the destination. Depending on how you run this day you can take all the options and run as much as 30 miles or as little as 10. Your choice. 

Day 4: Leaving Kaye Winnie you will encounter a bit more switch backs that will lead to the dirt road that will take you down the mountain to the river. You will run through towns and villages as you travel. People are curious but energetic. You will arrive at the coast where you will continue to run for 7- 8 miles along the coast. Again there will be aid stations every 7-10 miles along the route. The run will end at Kabic Beach where we will have a beach party and cook out. We will stay near the beach, where we will relax and play for the rest of the night! Beer, local rum and some souvenirs will be available for purchase around the beach. This day should be around 26 miles and 18 of that will be downhill.

Day 5: Wake up and have breakfast watch the sunrise over the ocean, pack up and be transported back to Port au Prince. 

 All times are approximate. 


Be prepared to run self supported. There will be support during the race every 7-10 miles but participants in the past have sometimes spent 2-3 hours over a 7 mile period. So please have the ability to stay hydrated and fueled for this amount of time. You should bring your OWN fuel for the race whatever your preference is ex: Clif bars, goos, energy bars.... We will provide your breakfast, post run meal,  and dinner. Please be prepared to provide your OWN fuel for during the race. There will by hydration stations of water and electrolyte mix, but only every 7-10 miles. PLEASE COME PREPARED. 

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