Unite Fitness Decathlon - 2014

Event Date

Sat, Oct 11, 2014


Newtown, PA

About This Activity

10 Fitness Events, 10k Trail Run, 1 Kickass Race.

Unite Fitness has reinvented the decathlon to help inspire breakthroughs in the mind and body and give you something truly balanced to train for. This is not just another road run, mud run or obstacle race, the UFD is 10 fitness challenges and a 10k trail run all mixed up. The first 9 fitness challenges are exercises such as suspension row, box jumps, and weighted lunge walk. The final challenge is a military style obstacle course. Short runs between events with a final 5k for a total of 10k distance.

The UFD is tough but you don’t have to “race” it - form a relay team and just have fun while getting an amazing workout. It's accessible to all people with competitive, completion and relay team divisions.

If you aren’t up for the race there are other ways to have fun at Decathlon Day, the post race party to help raise money for charity to help end childhood obesity.

Event details and schedule

Saturday October 11th, 8:00 - 3:00

Waves of 15 - 20 participants every 10 minutes.

Complete one fitness event at a time, short runs between, with the last event an obstacle course and a 5k trail run.

Friends, family, and finishers enjoy the post race party to raise money for charity.

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