The NYC Skate Marathon & New York 100K

5K, 1K, Marathon

Event Date

Sat, Sep 26, 2015


New York, NY


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100K Pro/Elite - 100K Pro/Elite

$85 $85 Closed

100K Pro/Elite - 100K Pro Master 35-45

$85 $85 Closed

100K Pro/Elite - 100K Pro Vet 45 & up

$85 $85 Closed

5K - 1 Lap - 5k Rec/Fitness

$30 $35 Closed

5K - 1 Lap - 5K Youth - 13 & Under

$25 $25 Closed

21K Half Marathon - NYC Quad Half Marathon

$25 $35 Closed

21K Half Marathon - Inline half Marathon Recreational

$30 $40 Closed

21K Half Marathon - Inline Half Marathon Advanced

$45 $45 Closed

NYC Skate Marathon - 42K - NYC Quad Marathon

$30 $30 Closed

NYC Skate Marathon - 42K - NYC Skate Marathon Recreational

$35 $35 Closed

NYC Skate Marathon - 42K - NYC Skate Marathon Advanced

$50 $65 Closed

NYC Skate Marathon - 42K - NYC Skate Marathon Pro/Elite

$65 $75 Closed

NYC Skate Marathon - 42K - NYC Roller Derby Challenge

$15 $15 Closed

About This Activity

MPC Wheels presents:

The NYC Skate Marathon & New York 100K 2015

The only skate marathon in New York City.

On Site registration opens at 5:00AM and closes at 6:45AM sharp. Event will start at 7:00AM even if you are standing at the registration table. So please plan accordingly!
We strongly recommend that you register in advance or the night before the event at the Expo to avoid not being able to race.

Event details and schedule


Get ready for the best time of the year on skates. Sure, many of the best distance skaters in the world will be there for the most challenging Inline & Roller Skating Race in North America, but the NYC Skate Marathon is open to all, beginners to experts, 5 to 90, inline, quads and recreational skates alike. This event is for EVERYONE. Join the fun, take the challenge, meet skaters from all around the world, try something new or do it again – this event rocks!

Beautiful Prospect Park in Brooklyn provides a wonderful traffic free route. 
Coming Back for 2015
***The NYC Roller Derby Marathon Challenge***
-What is it?
It is an exiting Quad Roller Derby Team Relay Race. 
-How does it work?
A minimum of at least 2 Quad skaters & maximum of 8 Quad skaters can take place on this exiting event. Each skater will skate for one lap on teams of 8 people, or at least one lap per skater on teams having less than 8 people. (teams with two people can choose to skate 3 and 5 laps per skater for example) then give the relay flag to their partner to complete another lap; for a combined team total of 8 laps or a Marathon (26.2 Miles 42 Kilometers) 
-Who can sign up for this event?
Anyone with Quad skates and a liking for Roller Derby!
-Can teams be co-ed?
Yes Co-ed teams are welcome. 
-Will my derby challenge team get a free event T-shirt?
YES. any team that enters before September 20 will receive a free event T-shirt per skater. PLEASE NOTE THAT TEAMS THAT REGISTER AFTER SEPTEMBER 20 WON'T GET THE FREE T-SHIRT
- Can quad teams compete on the 100K race?
Unfortunately not. We have a time limit of 4 hours to finish our races. We believe that this is not enough time to complete the 100K race in quad skates. So quads can only compete up to 42K individual or in teams. Thanks for understanding.
-Can we have more information on this event?
Sure we will update our website with all the information and any changes. for more info log on to:
Please NOTE that there is 4 Hour time limit to complete the 100K race, due to this change, Pro Elite Men and Women and Pro master or veteran skaters that have completed this race in 4 hours or less are the only people that can register. (This is a new requirement in order for the event to secure a permit with the parks department. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause)

August 31.  On Friday SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 ONLINE REG. CLOSES! 

The registration cost schedule is as follows:

Rec/Fitness 5k:

Before August 31 - $30
Online by Sept 25 - $35
Race Day - $45

Rec/Fitness 21k:

Before August 31 - $30
Online by Sept 25 - $40
Race Day - $50

Rec/Fitness 42k:

Before August 31 - $35
Online by Sept 25 - $45
Race Day - $60

Youth 5k:

Before August 31 - $25
Online by Sept 25 - $30
Race Day - $45

Advanced/Speed 21k:

Before Augus 31 - $45
Online by Sept 25 - $55
Race Day - $70

Advanced/Speed 42k:

Before August 31 - $50
Online by Sept 25 - $65
Race Day - $80

Pro/Elite 42k:

Before  August 31 - $65
Before September 15 - $75
Online by Sept 25 - $85
Race Day - $100

Pro/Elite 100k:

Before August 31 - $85.00

Online by Sept 25 - $99
Race Day - $130

Roller Derby Challenge:

2 skater Teams - $30.00
3 Skater Teams - $45.00
4 Skater Teams - $60.00
5 Skater Teams - $75.00
6 Skater Teams - $90.00
7 Skater Teams - $105.00
8 Skater Teams - $120.00

Roller Derby Challenge 42k: (Quad Skates Only) 
*** Back for 2015 The NYC Roller Derby Challenge Up to 8 Skaters per team - cost is $15.00 per skater. look at the chart ***
Online by Sept 25 - Max of 8 people per team!

You and your team can mail in the PDF registration form together. The form is available online on the event web site:
Don't forget to include payment for each individual skater, you may also write one check to cover all the fees.


SCHEDULE OF EVENTS:  7:00AM Start (Pro/Elite, Pro Master, Pro Veteran)
On-site Registration & Check-in: 5:00-6:45am. Rain or Shine.
Schedule of events:
Saturday 5:00AM On site registration & Packet pick up opens
Saturday 6:30AM Registration Closes
Saturday 7:00AM 100K/42K Pro Skaters Start
Saturday 7:02AM 42K/21K Advanced men/ladies Start
Saturday 7:05AM 42K/21K REC. men/ladies Start
Saturday 7:07AM 42K Derby Challenge Start/All 5K Start

START AREA:S Lake Dr. and Ocean Ave. Entrance, Start will be right after you enter.


•42K Marathon: Fitness/Rec. - Advanced - Open/Pro
•100K World Championships: Pro/Elite - Pro/Masters 35-45  Pro/Veteran 45 +
•21K half marathon: Fun-Fitness-Rec. - Speed/Advaced
•5K Youth skate: Fun/Fitness/Rec/Advanced - (skaters 12 & under)

Fun-Fitness categories are for “regular”- K2 or Rollerblade- type skates only (Soft boot Higher than the ankle,3-4 wheel skates).
Sport, Pro/Elite, and Elite Youth categories are for all speed skates (all 5-wheelers, racing quads, other racing skates). 
AGE DIVISIONS (Not the same for all distances):
5K Rec/Advanced Youth - 12 and under ONLY, NO AGE BREAKDOWN ON THIS DISTANCE.
5K Fun Skate Recreational Skates Only (Ages 13+) - 13-17; 18-34; 35-49; 50+
21K Rec/Advanced - 12&under; 13-17; 18-34; 35-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70+
42K Rec/Advanced - 12&under; 13-17; 18-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70+
42K Open/Pro Age Groups - Junior Open: 17 & under; Senior Open: 18-34; Master Open: 35-44; Veteran Open: 45+
100K Pro/Elite only - Open, any age; Pro/Maters: 35 - 45; Pro/Veterans, 45+ 
42K Team Relay - Open, any age, co-ed teams allowed

•CASH AWARDS for the 100K pro/elite. stay tuned for more!

•Hundreds of Merchandise Prizes Raffled for free among all participants.
Medals for age group winners.

•King & Queen Of The Mountain event with its own prizes and awards.

•Sprint Champion will have its own award. (100k Pro/Elite only)

•Junior Champion will receive a champion Jersey (18 & under 100K Pro Only)

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