The Bronx Olympics!

Event Date

Mon, Sep 5, 2016


New York, NY

About This Activity

Teams of Four Compete in a friendly yet cut-throat race for the Gold Metal. The Bronx Olympics is not your average race.....Put your best food forward in games like.....

Beer Pong! 

We all know the game now here are the rules.
* No Leaning
* Successful bounces count for 2 cups
* Only females can blow out spinners
* Team choice for who drinks each cup
* Team choice for order of shooters - does not need to be the same order each time - but ALL players must shoot each turn
* If all players on the team sink cups, then they get a "roll back" and get another entire turn immediately

* If you get a roll back and there are no cups left on the opposing side, the game is over;no redemption
* Redemption: all remaining cups are hit without any misses, the game goes into a 3 cup overtime
* Losers drink remaing cups on table
Players per team: ALL

 Dingbat Relay It's a relay race with beer!
* Chug a cup of beer
* Lean over with one hand touching top of head, the other arm is threaded through first elbow
* Spin around 6 times (teams count out loud)
* Run up to and around relay "post"
* Next player begins chugging AFTER high five
* NO holding or intentional tackling
Players per team: ALL

 Ice Tray Canoe Race

You Better Suck!
* All team members stand at table in front of ice cube tray full of beer
* At the whistle, entire teams sucks up beer from individual trays through provided straws
* You ARE NOT allowed to touch the straw with anything other than your mouth
* Once you finish your tray, stand back from the table with your hands in the air
* Tournament style - do or die
* The straw cannot be in the tray prior to the whistle
* Beer Bitch has final say if a tray is empty
Players per team: ALLChug-slip-flip cup

It's getting Wet-N-Wild!
* Chug a cup of beer
* Use as many attempts as neccessary to flip cup upside down
* Once cup is upside down, slip-n-slide to the second table
* Chug a second beer and flip cup upside down (use as many attempts as neccessary)
* Run back to first table
* Next player can start chugging after high five from previous team member
* Play will be in heats
* Sliding position (back, butt, or belly) is player's decision
* No holding or forcing another player off slip-n-slide
* If either table is knocked over during this event, the team member who knocked the table over will disqualify their entire team from this event
Players per team: ALL

Flip Cup
You Chug It, You Flip It.
* Tournament style
* Random pick for team match-ups
* 360 degree flips do NOT count, but should warrant high fives from teammates!
Players per team: ALL

 Beer Duel
Do you feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?!
* Stand back to back with opposing team player
* Take 5 steps and chug a cup of beer
* As soon as you are finished, turn around and throw a water balloon at the opposing player
* First to HIT the other player wins
* If you miss, you must chug another cup of beer to get another water balloon
* Chugging & tossing continue until a player is HIT
* You can hold the first water balloon in your hand at the start of the duel
* You can NOT dodge the balloon by stepping outside the duel perimeter
* You can NOT turn around to face your opponent until your beer is gone
Players per team: ALL

 Booze cruise obstacle course
* Obstacle will be played as a team relay
* First team member: Throw a frisbee until it lands in the box. Try as many times as needed; golf style (pick it up where it lands and throw from there)
* Second team member: Army crawl under hammock
* Third team member: Roll down hill
* Fourth team member: Climb UP slip-n-slide
* First & Second team members: Wheelbarrow walk
* Third & Fourth team members: Successfully lay down on hammock without spilling cups of beer
* All team members run to finish line, cheers, chug half a cup of beer
Players per team: ALL
**If there are not 4 players to a team, events will be adjusted

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