Jackrabbit Swim Level II - Technique & Endurance, UWS

Event Date

Wed, Nov 12, 2014


New York, NY

About This Activity


8 weeks

Each week we will create a different workout with drills for form and long distance swims to develop endurance. You will learn to maintain your form over long continuous swims. You'll also spend a great deal of time on pacing, with the goal of maintaining consistent times over multiple intervals, even as you get tired. In addition, we will provide one or two workouts and drills for you to do on your own so you maintain fitness and feel for the water in-between classes. At the end of this class you'll feel much more capable of long continuous swims without feeling like you need a rest.

This class deals solely with the FREESTYLE/CRAWL stroke.
Folks looking to participate should be able to comfortably swim 300 yards of the freestyle/crawl stroke without rest.

Fee: $228 (or $212 for JCC members)

Dates: November 11th thru January 13th.

Questions please email programs@jackrabbitsports.com or call Doug at 212-727-2980


$228 ($212 for JCC Members)

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