Zombie Insanity

Event Date

Sat, Nov 1, 2014


New Smyrna Beach, FL

About This Activity

A strange, mysterious outbreak is turning people into the walking dead. Millions have been infected. The world is in complete chaos. Governments have been decimated. Entire cities have become feeding grounds for the walking dead. Humanity's only hope lies in a cure being formulated in a secure compound called, The Omega Sanctuary.

ZOMBIE INSANITY is an all-out race for survival!

Event details and schedule


Teams or individuals try to survive this nightmarish, apocalyptic event by grabbing zombie DNA(flags)and antidote flags, and find clues as they travel from make-shift village to village. Humans must try to avoid being torn to pieces by the walking dead until they arrive safely at Omega Sanctuary. Each human participant will start off with two flags. The goal is to make it to the end without losing your flags(life).

Human participants will want to form alliances before and during the event in order to be brought back to life in the event the walking dead take all of their flags.

This is for all skill levels from walking to running through or around full blown mud run obstacles. The course approximates 5K (3 miles). Ages 12 and Up - Must bring ID, minors must have parent on site to sign guardian waiver.

Everyone loves this event. You can experience a full blown mud run with lots of obstacles, while role-playing and competing. This is not a timed event, it'll take everything you got just to survive the Zombie Insanity!

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