VENARI Trail Relay


Event Date

Sat, May 13, 2017


Nancy, KY


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Team Relay

$55 $55 Closed

8HR Team Relay

$55 $55 Closed

About This Activity

See race website for more details and rules:

Ready for a new challenge?

The VENARI Trail Relay is not like most relays. With other relays there is a predetermined distance on a predetermined course. To win your team need the fastest time.

VENARI consist of a series of legs marked on a map that your team runs to earn points. Each legs has a different point value based on difficultly and estimated distance. The race requires strategy and endurance to determine the best method to aquire as many points as possible within the time limit and rules.

So instead of chasing a time PR, your team is chasing points. There is no pause for your team. You run until the time limit. Your legs will hurt. You will hate us briefly. You will have fun though as you figure it all out.

This is a concept race mixing disciplines from running, relays, adventure racing, and orienteering. No navigation experience is required. Derived from Latin: to chase or hunt.

Teams of 4 persons are given course maps with trails and paths for 4 different legs with various points. Teams may deviate from the recommended path. Only ONE team member is on the course at any given time. Each racer must complete all FOUR legs before repeating a leg.

Each legs is worth a set number of points and consist of 3-5 checkpoints that must be visited during a runner's attempt at a leg. Legs start and end at a centralized transition area (TA). Checkpoints are clearly visible next to the trail or out in the opening so navigation skills are not required. Each leg varies in distance (2-5K) and difficulty (terrain). Each team member should expect to cover 10-15K+.

Teams pick their starting leg and runner. While one team member is on course, other team members are hanging out near race HQ recovering and planning the next leg. Team dynamics and communication comes into play here as teams change their strategy and route selection to stay on top.

Race cut-off:
The race is designed around each team member running a sub two hour 20K. We have set a time limit of 8 hours to complete as many legs as a team possibly can. The last team member must be on course by 4:20PM. The last runner must complete the leg by 5:00PM for it to count.

Bonus points:
Teams will be given opperunities to earn bonus points throughout the race bycompleting certian objectives. In 2016 we offered a team run in which all members had to run a 5K together.

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