The 15th Morris Mauler 5k Race Trail/X-C event


Event Date

Wed, Sep 30, 2015


Morristown, NJ


Activity Today Later

5 Kilometer Run - Normal Entry

$29 $29 Closed

The "Paul Krentar Mini Mauler" 2.5k for kids 16 + <

$20 $27 Closed

"Marvin's Walk of Fame" 2.5 k walk/hike/hill/steps/climb

$25 $25 Closed

The" Kodiac Cardiac" 5k Hike of the Goats for Walkers/Hikers Only

$25 $29 Closed

About This Activity

We now have 4 events in one @ this Race

We have our usual Brutal 5k event for all interested in a "Tough" Cross Country/TRail race. We added a Mini Mauler 2.5 for kids 16 + <, and 2 walking events. All running event fees Do NOT include a shirt as most of our people have one already, they can save a few bucks. BUTTT you can purchase them @ the race site for Only $5 more. ALL WALKS include a shirt since few walkers/hikers have frequented this course. We hope you like our Event and our Choice of events for ALL FAMILY MEMBERS !!!!!

What is this all about

"The TOUGHEST, NASTIEST, MEANEST, BAD ASSED 5K RACE IN NEW JERSEY" This Race Features a hill know as the *st*rd...... You have run faster, now come run "the B*st*rd" !!!!!You will never look at a tough race the same way again!"GUARANTEED" to be minutes slower than what you normally run for a 5k (accurately measured course)Be prepared to do your "PERSONAL WORST", YOU WILL NOT LOOK PRETTY AFTER THIS RACE or THINK HIGHLY of the ORGANIZERS OF THIS BRUTAL EVENT.


Do I really need to explain this ???

Who the Heck would do such a sTupid event!

This race is NOT FOR : WIMPS, Mud Run Pansies, Spartan Run Pansies Regular PANSIES, CANDY @$$ES, FLATLANDERS, WHINERS OR BELLY ACHERS. People who love to B&M, or just good old Cry Babies. YOU MUST BE 'TOUGH' TO RUN THIS RACE!!!!Some of the Toughest Runners in the History of NJ have run this race and it beat the living H#LL out of them.

Vegan Chili will make it's appearance

That mean's no darn meat for you people who eat real Chili.

How Friggin Dificult, You kiddin Me.

Nope.Course is very challenging with a difficulty rating of 9.1 on the "Hillometer Chart" (10 being toughest "billy goat"......1 being easy...... pancake flat........( A scale created and others have used, it helps runners decide what type of Trail/X Country race the want)

Am I gonna Fall or some rediculousness....

Well, you might especially if you ignore the rule to NOT WEAR a Headphone. This is not a musical chairs lyrical singing bird type of course. We do have Terradactyls though, if that is a Bird and Turkey Vultures for those who don't finish.

Will I get Lost

Yes.... as long as you wear a blindfold and can't see all the arrows AND the 327 Red Surveyor Flags I put out on the course. IT IS POSSIBLE, BUT PROBABLY UNLIKELY.

Can I run or do I need to walk sometimes?

Best Question you asked yet. You run within "your" limits". Set your pace and stay within comfort. Goal is to RUN Up the hills. There are rocks and roots. The course measures a 4.3 on the Agility/Stability Scale (1 being easiet, "sure footed"..... 10 being " Rough Terrain", ankle busters, roots galore) (another scale created for trail running in NJ, so that people can decide what they could handle) Please by Safe out there.

What Idiot thought to torture People

Same J@ck@$$ from and same idiot who started Trail running races way back in 2003 with many events before going into Hibernation for 6 years. Promoting races and racing for 40+ years. The "ORIGINAL" NEW JERSEY TRAIL RUNNING SERIES.. In 11 different counties over the years.

T-Shirt Not Included

But you can purchase @ Race Site for only $5, short sleeve and $10 for Long Sleeve. (Choice of Colors, early arrivals get the 1st choice of colors and styles,late arrivals get slim pickens)

Awards for the Hibernation Event in the fall

We will be awarding age group and overall winners the "New" TieDyed Morris Mauler Shirt in Bright Fall colors to match the leaves. You can only win this shirt, not for sale.

Quest for the Tie Dyed Shirt

New Unique colors for this Fall Edition which can only be won and not bought for any amount of money (less than $999 or a close offer)

Age Groups.

12 and under, 13-14, 15-18, 19-34, 35 -39 and 5 year age groups up to the 80's

The "New Paul Krentar Mini Mauler"

Kids can just run 1 lap of this brutal course. Entry only $20, not including a shirt and some awards for this premier Event. Named for a long time supporter of this event. A good friend, he would have been honored to have his name attached to this event.

The New Marvin's Walk of Fame. (2.5K)

1 loop of this brutal course for those that love nature walks and want to share the day with us and learn how to climb a real Hill. Walkers only.. NON competitive event. No Awards, just a good old fashioned picnic and Beer/Wine Celebration.Only $25 and "includes" a shirt.

The New "Kodiac Cardiac" Hike of the Goats3.1M(5k)

2 Loops 3.11..... miles (5k) of the Famous Morris Mauler Course for those looking for a walking challenge and not worrying about getting lost in a beautiful serene environment. NON competitive event. No Awards, just a good old fashioned picnic and Beer/Wine Celebration. Only $25 and "includes" a shirt.

Check in table will be open @ 9:00 @ Lewis Morris Park, next to Jockey Hollow Park. Entrance to park is off of route 24/510, also called Mendham Road (address 270 Mendham Rd), Morris Twp, NJ. (3 miles west of Morristown)(3 miles east of Mendham) Parking is limited, so PLEASE CARPOOL and arrive EARLY !!


$29 till June 1st, $32 till July 4th, $35 till sept 11th, $39 till Oct 2nd, and $42 till 10/9/2015, $45 RaceDay(limited Entry)

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