Pursuit Challenge 2013

Event Date

Sat, Jun 22, 2013


Moorestown, NJ

About This Activity

9 AM – 12 noon.  Rain or shine. The challenge will take roughly 45 minutes to complete.  When you arrive you may start the course.  Teams that want to race the clock may request a start time.

Pursuit Challenge is a unique community activity.

Cost:$10.00 per person to participate.

This event combines ten fun challenges with traversing a cross-country course of about 2.5 miles.  Every year the challenges are different.The Pursuit Challenge will always include physical and intellectual challenges, & a service challenge.There will be an easier Ascent Level and a more difficult Summit Level version of each challenge; or a Runners-only option which does not involve any challenges.

Past Pursuit Challenges include:

·         Walking backwards on a balance beam

·         Throwing at a target

·         Chin-ups or push-ups

·         Juggling a soccer ball or shooting baskets

·         Solving a doublet word puzzle

·         Completing a puzzle and then solving the First Aid scenario on the back

·         Stacking empty boxes as tall as possible

·         Untangling a rope maze

·         Walking on stilts or using “team skis”

·         Memory game

·         Trivia questions

·         Bouncing a ping-pong ball consecutively

·         Hammering nails or running a wheel-barrow

It is a lot of fun.

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