Ladies Only Mountain Bike Tour - Canyonlands, Arches, Moab

Event Date

Sun, May 4, 2014


Moab, UT

About This Activity

Canyonlands, Arches and Moab Multi-Sport w/ Road Cycling

This tour departs from our Moab headquarters at Moab Cyclery.
Picture vibrant sandstone walls chiseled by the mighty Colorado River, lit by the evening glow of a desert sunset, and backed by a magnificent range of snow-capped mountains. In the midst of Utah's Canyon Country, Moab's backcountry provides the perfect setting for your multi-sport adventure!
Contrasting colors, textures, and landforms distinguish the three districts of Canyonlands National Park, each offering its own kind of adventure. The Needles District offers personal insight into the mysteries of ancient Anasazi civilizations and surreal hiking experiences among its towering sandstone "needles". On the La Sal Loop road, expansive views of the Moab Valley typify our road cycling experience. At Arches, we'll hike through a geological wonderland, where natural exhibits of pinnacles, arches, pedestals, and balancing rocks seem to defy the laws of physics. Next, Canyon Country's vertical landscape challenges us with fantastic introductory canyoneering and rock climbing. And, while the Colorado River's power is present everywhere throughout our adventure, nowhere is it better realized than on our exciting afternoon of kayaking.



Event schedule and times

Day 1 | Biking – Monitor & Merrimac and Bartlett Wash

After meeting at Moab Cyclery, we’ll ride the Monitor & Merrimac Trail, which provides a perfect introduction to classic Moab riding.  We’ll have great views of the famous Monitor & Merrimac buttes as we work on our slickrock skills.  Time permitting; we’ll ride over to the hidden slickrock near Bartlett Wash.

From a distance the slickrock appears to be salmon in color until you get up close to see the rainbow that has formed over millions of years. Our slickrock ascent takes us to an outrageous playground of spillways and turrets overlooking beautiful Courthouse Pasture.  After the ride, we'll head to Monticello, UT where we’ll spend the night.

Total Mileage | 10-14 miles biking       Inns | A local inn in Monticello, UT

Terrain | Jeep Road & Slickrock, No Van Support


Day 2 | Hiking – Canyonlands National Park

After a hearty home-cooked breakfast we’ll lace up our hiking boots and stride through the beautiful and colorful sandstone features of Elephant Canyon.  The canyon opens onto the grassy meadow of Chesler Park, a pastoral amphitheater enclosed by walls of colorfully banded sandstone needles and spires.

Time permitting; the more adventurous can give it a go on the Joint Trail, a hiking experience that can be found in few other places in the country.  The trail follows a long stretch of connecting “joints” and deep, narrow crevices in a massive rock expanse; some passages are only 2-3 feet wide.


Total Mileage |  8-11 miles hiking                    Inn| A local Moab B&B

Terrain | Hiking trails and some moderate scrambling.




Day 3 | Rock Climbing and Biking, Slickrock

We gain a fresh perspective on the spectacular canyon walls we’ve been admiring from afar as we climb into a safety harness and are introduced to the exciting sport of rock climbing.  Under the care of our exceptional guides, you’ll begin by learning the basics. After an introduction to equipment and terminology, and instruction in knot tying and belaying, we'll begin climbing.   After mastering some basic maneuvers, we’ll progress to some advanced challenges.  Depending on the speed of the group, we may complete as many as five climbs!

For those with energy left to burn, an afternoon ride on the Slickrock Trail will complete the perfect Moab day. An option to spend the afternoon in town will also be available.

Inn| A local Moab B&B




Day 4 | Canyoneering

Today's adventure is the highlight of the tour for many guests as they experience the unique thrill and sense of satisfaction that comes from canyoneering! Canyoneering is a kind of hybrid sport that applies hiking, rock climbing, and even swimming skills to negotiate up, down, and through canyons. But not to worry, our introductory trip is designed for those with no previous experience. Our 5-mile trip through the remote Hidden Splendor canyon will include some rock scrambling, two spectacular repels and non-stop scenery. Led by our expert canyoneering guide, you'll acquire basic rappelling skills while learning about the geological forces that created this rock playground. We'll also gain an insight into the history and folklore of the region which help bring these monumental rock structures to life.

Inn| A local Moab B&B


Day 5 | Kayaking, Colorado River – Hiking, Arches National Park

Our variety-packed day begins deep in Arches National Park. Our hike traverses a labyrinth of sandstone fins and spires. Named for its brilliant deep red reflective rock, the path winds through slick rock grottos ending at the most photographed arch in the world – Delicate Arch.

In the afternoon, we kayak in the rolling waters of the Colorado River (mostly Class II rapids).  We will provide instruction covering everything from basic paddling techniques to the art of wave surfing.  For those who prefer to raft, paddleboats are available.  Towering cliffs shoot skyward from this grand river, dwarfing our small craft.  We’ll savor this fresh new perspective of canyon country as we gaze at riverside monuments and buttes, and maybe even an eagle! For those who prefer not to raft, the Moab area is yours to explore that afternoon.

Total Mileage | 4 miles hiking + kayaking/rafting      

Inn| A local Moab B&B


Day 6 | Biking, Klondike Bluffs

This morning we’ll ride the Klondike Bluffs trail – another Moab classic.  During the ride we’ll pass imprints of the three-toed dinosaurs that tramped across these mud flats and river bottoms about 170 million years ago. At the turn around point, we’ll hike across the trail’s namesake bluffs, which erode to bonnets and elephant toes atop fractured fins and alcoves. Features of Arches National Park can be seen in the distance, backed by the scenic La Sal Mountains.  After lunch, we’ll head back to Moab.


Total Mileage | 10 miles           

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