EA Mountain Bike Skills Camp

Event Date

Mon, Apr 21, 2014


Moab, UT

About This Activity

EA Mt Bike Skills Camp


Location: Moab, UT

Duration: 5 Days, 8-5p

Dates: April 21-25, 2014

Will cover core skills:

Bike Set-up - The beginning of the course will kick off with learning the correct bike set up for your body.

Climbing - Become more efficient when ascending by learning correct body position, weight distribution, proper technique for going over ledges, cadence, pedal timing and proper gear shifting.

Descending - Become more efficient and quick going downhill by learning proper positioning, weight distribution, line of sight and braking

Cornering -  Cornering, or riding around corners efficiently to exit with better speed, is one of the most important part of mountain biking, as this is where races are won or lost. You will acquire Jedi-like skills(Merrick's words) in weight positioning and line of sight to exit corners with better speed. While proper weight distribution is important, having your line of site is of the utmost importance.

These 3 main skills will help you to become a faster, more controlled rider, which in turn will allow you to have a better time out on the trail.

Cost: $750

Includes: 5 days of skill training and riding, skill coaches, a list of drills to practice at home, lunch, water, shuttle to and from meeting point each day

Not Included: Lodging, Breakfast, Dinner, bike, helmet

Meeting Point: Moab Cyclery in Moab, UT at 7:30a daily

Additional Options: Rental Bike $225

Suggested hotels/accommodations:

Local Accommodations

Visit www.discovermoab.com/ for a complete list of places to stay.

Daily schedules will vary depending on the group's size and ability

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