Tennis - Challengers/Novice

Event Date

Wed, Jan 8, 2014


Milpitas, CA

About This Activity


10 years - 15 years 11months


Barry Poole




Class held Hall Memorial Park Tennis Courts (LaHonda & Coyote). All participants are required to bring a racquet and tennis balls to each class meeting. Students should wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothing. Rain-out schedule call 408-569-3109.


Contract Classes


Occurs every week on Tuesday and Thursday effective 1/7/14 until 1/30/14 from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Novice: Juniors who are new to the game who have little or no experience and skills will developthe foundation they need to grow into the game. Coaches will introduce them in a fun-based, andfast-paced environment utilizing several different types of balls including the low compression,greens, speedballs and regulation balls. Coaches will focus on the basic rules of play, the basic skillsinvolved in rallying and serving and the fi rst three tactical priorities of consistency and controllingthe ball. The aim is to prepare them as quickly as possible to move up to the challenger level.Juniors who have demonstrated the skills suffi ciently to rally and control the orange and green balls, canmove up to this class level. Here they will begin working seriously with the regulation ball and will beginpreparing mentally, physically, and emotionally for competitive play. Coaches will introduce these playersto the advanced footwork patterns associated with the patterns of play. Coaches will focus on the basic threecornerstones of the 5 tactical priorities of play. Those are consistency, controlling the ball left and right andshort and deep. Players will also develop a solid foundation for a consistent and reliable second serve. Playersin this class may be invited to participate in Junior Tennis Programs. Students to instructor ratios for bothclasses are 7:1.

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