Fall Tour

Event Date

Mon, Sep 29, 2014


Mill Valley, CA

About This Activity

* The Tour is a self-scheduling round robin tournament.

* Play starts on September 28 and must be completed by November 23.

* You will be placed in a draw with approximately 8 players of similar level.

* Divisions for all levels are available.

* Men and women are grouped together.

* Players are responsible for arranging matches and reporting scores. This is an 8 week Tour. You will have 8 weeks to complete approximately 8 matches. Your draw sheets will suggest an order of play, but matches can be played in any order and the Tour can be completed as quickly as you want.

* Each win during season is worth one point. Scores will be used to break tie.

* Scoring is best 2 of 3 sets. A 10 pt. super tie breaker should be substituted for 3rd set unless both players consent to play out the 3rd set.

* Matches that are played at Boyle Park must be played by park rules. Matches don’t need to be played at Boyle.

* Each player must bring one can of new balls to each match. The winner keeps the unopened can and reports scores. Pro Shop phone#: 388-6523

* Top 2 players from each group will make the play-offs.

* Prizes will be awarded to winners.

* Track tour results at www.boyleparktennis.com & report scores at bpt@boyleparktennis.com



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