Break Up Adventure Race

Event Date

Sat, Mar 21, 2015


Milford, KS

About This Activity

There will be navigation, trekking (running or hiking) and mountain biking. The Break Up will require paddling, but the Thumper will NOT. There may also be surprise challenges for both courses. The team that completes all the checkpoints (or more than other teams) with the fastest time will win the race. There will be several checkpoints that are mandatory (transition areas), but most are not. A team could choose to skip checkpoints and shorten the course and still have an official finish, though probably not place in the top 10. Both courses are unsupported, you will have access ONLY to the gear, food and drink that you have on your bike or in your pack. Plan accordingly.The navigation will require plotting SOME points on a 1:24000 Topo map (except Thumper UTMs, ALL will already be plotted on map), basic understanding of terrain features and distance measure. There will be very few rules of travel, teams will choose their own route/strategy (with mode of travel specified for checkpoints). Registration includes: canoe/kayak rental, topo maps, custom logo beanie (stocking hat), event insurance, post race dinner (bbq, baked potato bar, dessert) and awards. Thumper (3-5 hr Sprint) InformationCourse will be approx 20 miles total; NO paddling (though you may get wet), approx 5 mi on foot (not consecutively) and about 15 miles on bike (not at the same time). The race requires all racers to have required gear (check link in the right margin of this page). Most all checkpoints will involve easy orienteering and very little technical mountain biking. The biking will be on hard packed gravel/dirt and or pavement, with a little ST trail time for fun. Suitable for beginners and youth--or just to have fun!Break Up (12 hr Adventure) InformationCourse will be about 60 miles (unless you get lost); approx 40 mi biking, 5-10 mi paddle, and approx 15 mi on foot. There will be some tough (not all) orienteering and challenging terrain sections of this race. Biking will involve about 15 mi of ST/DT, 15 mi gravel or dirt road, and 10 mi pavement, and surprise challenges. All ability and fitness levels can enjoy the course as there will be room for choices depending on how many CPs your team wants to show up to the finish with.

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