Kicking Katrina In The Can!

Event Date

Mon, Aug 4, 2014


Milan, IL

About This Activity

This race is a virtual 5k run/walk that you can do anytime, place, or anywhere. As a Katrina survivor i decided to create this race to raise money for the rebuilding of my city New Orleans, even though there has been some progress, so much work still has to be done... and i am hoping that you will help us achieve our goal to bringing New Orleans back to full circle, i have traveled home many times and still see entire neighborhoods destroyed, this is 9 yrs later. So i thought to myself that i had to find a way to make a diffrence, since many of us love to run or walk i thought this would be an excellent way to raise money, by using our feet! COME ON AND JOIN ME AND LET'S KICK KATRINA IN THE CAN TOGETHER!, all proceeds will go to redcross for the rebuilding of our city!

Thank you,

Shawn Haynes

Katrina Survivor

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