FIU Benjamin Dash

Event Date

Sat, Oct 4, 2014


Miami, FL

About This Activity

RUN IT! GRAB IT! CASH IT! Get in on action for your cause and earn money for it! Mud Run/Scavenger Hunt on October 4, 2014 produced by Benjamin Dash and the FIU Campus Recreation Department and the FIU Tri Club. What is a Benjamin Dash? It is a Mud Run/Scavenger Hunt with flags worth montetary value on the obstacle course in the amounts of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100. The value is unknown until you finish the race and redeem your flags. But watch out for Charity Warriors, they are the only ones that can pull your flag for their charity. At the end you are faced with a life changing decision, DONATE ALL YOUR MONEY, KEEP ALL YOUR MONEY, or TAKE A SPLIT. Charity spots are available please contact for charity information. This registration link is for FIU students ONLY, if you are not a FIU student please visit to register. The Manual What to expect? UNFORGETABLE EXPERIENCE: We have worked our *** off to make sure this event is well rounded. Considering that everyone is representing his or her heart pounding cause, we figure that you would have a bit more energy to pour out. So we had to do our job and not make it easy on you. Every aspect of your being will be tested. This includes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual endurance. This is what you live for get in action!! THE DIRTY DASH: Sweat, mud, massive buildings, your body in awkward positions, people that are trying to steal your flags also people who are helping you gain them DINERO!: Generate lots of funding for your cause. What is expected from you? COMMITMENT: Do not allow a few obstacles stop you from reaching the amount of flags you want to obtain for your cause. there will be multiple obstacles all around flip objects search and find clues there is always a way to outwit individuals in front of you. COMFY GEAR: We do not suggest that you come out in jeans and a turtleneck. But if it's your lucky turtleneck so be it. RECOMMENDED: flexible, sports gear, running shoes, sweat bands etc. Don't forget we are looking for the best Benjamin Dash colonial costume to make the run. ENTRY: prior coming to race make sure to print and sign your waiver. GET YOUR CAUSE STAMPED!: go to mark up stations to have your cause written on your body, face or clothes. DASH FOR THE FLAGS! Start gaining money for your cause. BROTHERHOOD & SISTERHOOD: This means play fair!

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This registration page is ONLY FOR REGISTERED FIU STUDENTS. If you are not a FIU student and would like to register please visit

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