Coach Robert Strauss Swiminar

Event Date

Sat, Jan 18, 2014


Miami Beach, FL

About This Activity

Since 1978, Robert Strauss has tirelessly traveled the globe, training recreational and competitive swimmers of all ages to be water-wise. His innovative approach that integrates swimming into one's lifestyle in such a way that it enhances all aspects of existence led to the development of the celebrated Swim Gym TM techniques, programs, and products.

A 1972 Olympian, Coach Strauss first brought his dynamic perspective to swimming education in 1983 when he established his Swim Gym™ Swim School in Miami, FL. He created one of the top aquatic instructional and safety certification curriculums internationally that to date, is credited for graduating more than 25,000 students, life guards, and instructors.

Strauss, who holds a Master's of Education from the University of Miami, credits his success to creating a friendly environment in which teachers can expose students to the art of swimming. Describing his organization's tenets, Strauss says "We focus heavily on developing control of the body in the water, in order to dispel fear and provide an enjoyable experience."

What it Involves?

Technical training for Adult Swimmers

Innovative teaching philosophy that enhances professional passion

Cutting-edge teaching techniques that work, you’ll find your style

Aquatic RS Swiminar® Includes:

-Education packed day

-Only 12 people*, Classroom and pool training, Lunch included.

- Interactive lecture with Q&A open all day long

- Student training demonstrations and corrections

          - *2 coaches if more than 12 swimmers

-Body Education for Balance

            - Breathing First: Nose Protection

- Flotation drills: The Letters of the Strokes

- Sculling: learn to touch the water - Bernoulli or

- Toward head on belly (3 positions)

- Toward head on back (1 position)

- Toward feet on belly (1 position)

- Toward feet on back (2 positions)

- Vertical (2 positions; 3 in 10’ depth)

- Freestyle - Backstroke

- Long axis strokes: rotational drills

- Open turn and Flip turn

- Stroke count

- Breaststroke - Butterfly

            - Short axis strokes: teeter/totter drills

- Open turn

- Stroke count

- Open Water Specifics

- Breathing & Sighting

- Drafting & Turning at Buoys

- Risks: “stings”

- Applied Physiology to the Methodology of Training

- The Gears: Best Balance & Distance Per Stroke to Sprint

- How to train each gear: how long, fast, required rest

- Applying stroke count to training intensities: Importance of resting intervals

- Personalized videotaping and critique

- Watch Champions Swim

- Video instruction: See yourself above water and under water

- Biomechanics

- Applied Physiology to the Methodology of Training

- Pay Attention and Swim Gently FAST (Not Hard)

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Event schedule and times

January 18, 2014

8:00AM - 4:00PM

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