Event Date

Sun, Mar 16, 2014


Mesa, CO

About This Activity

This PH3 will have three areas of concentration:  Bike, Climbing Skins (or Snowshoe), & Ski (Tele, or Ride).
This is a charity event in memory of Mr. Tim Sewell, with the proceeds benefiting the Western Colorado Suicide Prevention Foundation, the Veterans Administration Medical Center Suicide Prevention Fund and Colorado Mesa University Cycling.
The race begins at the Mesa Community Center with an 8.35 mile biking segment. They will transition onto either climbing skins or snowshoes and continue 2.03 miles to the top of the resort. Then remove their ascending gear and ski or snowboard 1.44 miles to the finish line. The total vertical gain is 4,138 feet, vertical drop of 1,543 feet covering a total of 11.82 miles. Participants must be at least 16 years of age, either as an individual or on teams.
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Registration on the day of: will be at Powderhorn Resort in the Cottonwood Room for $50
(Cost is the same for all ages, single entrants, or a team)
The Race, PH3 Schedule & General Info:
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Registration at Powderhorn: 6:45 - 7:45 am
Last Transport from Powderhorn to Community Center: 8:00 am
Race Begins: 8:30 am
Awards: 3:00 pm
What you need to know about the PH3:
  • Racers will drop their bike off at the Mesa Community Center.  They will then need to bring all their transition equipment with them to Powderhorn.  THERE WILL BE NO HAULING OF TRANSITION GEAR.  They racers are responsible for packing their “on mountain transition gear” with them from the Powderhorn bike transition area (snowshoers must carry their gear to the last transition area). Transportation will be available to take you down to the Mesa Community Center from Powderhorn.
  • At Registration you will receive a T-shirt, a map, and masking tape to label your bike with your bib #.
  • There will be a designated Racer Parking area; please follow volunteers directions on where to park.
  • After your car is parked, volunteers will be available to show you were the second staging area is located by the ‘Upper Maintenance Shop’, and to help you carry your gear.
  • At this staging area there will be a bike rack in addition to two separate areas to stage the rest of your gear. One area will be specific to the Bike to Ski staging area. The other area will be for transport to the Climbing Skin to Ski staging area at the top of Snowcloud. Please make sure you have the correct gear in the correct pile so it can be there where you need it! There will be masking tape at this stage as well, please mark your gear with your bib #.
  • For teamed racers, please stay in this Bike to Ski staging area to get specific instructions on when you will be transported to the top of Snowcloud for your part of the race.
  • The entry fee includes ONE TIME transport to the top of the mountain for the race only.
  • Price for registration is for the whole team, one person or three.
On-Snow Race Trails:
The Skin portion of the race: Bottoms up – Whistle Pig – Upper Dude- Maverick – Sven’s Bend – Tenderfoot- to the top of Snowcloud.
The Ski portion of the race: Upper Snowcloud – Lower Snowcloud – to the Finish Line


SUNDAY, MARCH 16, 2014 - 6:45AM TO 2:00PM

Event schedule and times

Registration at Powderhorn: 6:45 - 7:45 am
Last Transport from Powderhorn to Community Center: 8:00 am
Race Begins: 8:30 am
Awards: 3:00 pm

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