The 2nd Annual Andys Run

Event Date

Sat, May 14, 2016


Mesa, AZ

About This Activity

Welcome to the 2nd annual Andy's Run:

When: May 14th, 2016
check-in begins at 6:15am
5K begins at 7:00am
1 mile walk begins at 7:15am

Where: Skyline Park (Ramada #5)
655 S. Crismon Rd., Mesa 85208

Price: $25 registration

This is also a virtual run. This means you can complete this race anytime and anywhere. We will mail your medal to you. Please click the link to sign up and reserve your medal.

Registration page and the finishers medal will be updated soon.

We are in need of donations for the raffle and a few other times like water, bananas, apples, and cookies.
Please let myself, Leyla Moss, or Ginger Rowley know if you would like to donate any of these items.

This year we have chosen the Rowley family as our recipients. (Please see Below to read about the Moss and Rowley families.)

If you would rather donate to the Rowley family here is the link

In January of 2013, Nicolle Rowley was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. In June of 2014, Nicolle again relapsed and had several more aggressive surgeries along with radiation/chemotherapy. In May of 2015, she had just started her 4th round of chemotherapy when Mason was complaining of continual headaches. On June 1, 2015, Nicolle took Mason to Cardon's ER for what she believed to be migraine headaches, when a large tumor was discovered in his brain. On June 3rd, prior to the tumor being removed, Mason to suffer a stroke. Mason survived the surgery but the recovery was very difficult. Mason was on a breathing machine and we knew his brain had suffered trauma. He was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer, Glioblastoma. As soon as he was stable, his care was transferred to Houston, TX where he would be with a specialist. He has been treated there since July of 2015. Being out of state has been a financial hardship on their family but Jesse and Nicolle felt like they had no choice but to get him the best care.

Prior to the Rowley family being affected by cancer, they were a fun-loving, carefree family. Since cancer, they continue to be a very loving family that have remained more optimistic and positive than I thought possible. They have tried to enjoy Houston, TX and all it has to offer in spite of their circumstances of being there.

Anyone that knows Mason would agree that he is an extraordinary teenager. He is very kind and treats everyone with respect. He is a very talented artist and graduated 8th grade in all honors classes with straight As. His life goals are to become an eagle scout, graduate high school with honors, and attend a college to learn robotics. He is a huge Marvel and Iron Man fan which has earned him his nickname, IRON MAsoN.

Nicolle is a full time mom that has taken great pride in running a well organized home and revolving her life around her children. Even when she has been so ill, Mason and Madi are her top concern. Her motto through this battle has been, 'When I am weak, I am strong' and she has truly lives by it.

Nicolle and Mason were recently on the local news telling their story:

and Mason having some fun:

A message from Leyla Moss:

Andy Moss was 29 years old when he was first diagnosed with Mediastinal Germ Cell Cancer, a weird kind of testicular Cancer in his chest. We have a 7 year old son and a 4 year old daughter and enjoyed our family and life together.
After several strong chemotherapies, radiations, two major surgeries, two bone marrow transplants, and a medical trial, the doctors told him he had no chance.

Andy passed away on September 30th 2015.

When Andy was diagnosed with cancer, our family had an incredible support from the community.
One day the Rowley family contacted me, a family that never even met us before but heard about Andy and his battle with cancer. The entire family planned a fundraiser to help our family while we were struggling financially. Without even knowing our family, they put together an amazing event.

This started a beautiful friendship that grew and grew as Andy kept battling. A Few months later, Mason was diagnosed with cancer, at the same time, Andy was close to his passing. When Andy came home from hospice, he immediately spotted Mason in the crowd and it was obvious to everyone there, they had such a strong connection that will always be remembered.

Andy's last message to Mason was, "Never give up, and always believe you will be a miracle." This has been Mason's motto and inspiration.

This is why we have chosen the Rowley family as the 2016 recipients of the 2nd annual Andys run.
Please help this sweet family if you are able.

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