The Hess Express

Event Date

Mon, Feb 1, 2021


McPherson, KS

About This Activity

The Hess Fitness Center/McPherson Center for Health Presents "The Hess Express"!

Details: You may choose to sign up as an individual or as a group of up to 4 people.  

The Express will cover a total of 194 miles over the course of 4 months (Feb 1st.- May 31st) by any mode of exercise you choose, outdoor walking, running, biking, hiking, swimming, cross training (15 minutes =1 mile)OR  a treadmill, elliptical or a stationary bike if you do not wish to exercise outside!  You can use any or all combinations!

Break Down for an Individual:  194 miles divided by 120 total days (Feb.1-May 31) = 1.6 Miles per day or 11.2 miles a week!

* To enter virtual results select more at the top right of the website, select enter virtual results.

Check Points:

The Hess Express will have 7 check points and it all starts and ends with The Hess!

 The miles listed by each check point are cumulative miles from check point to check point.  We do not anticipate that you will literally run from the Hess Fitness Center to Coronado Heights and so forth…but as you accumulate miles your icon will move along your map indicating mileage accumulation.

However, anyone who is willing to go the extra mile and take a picture of yourself/selves at a particular check point will be acclaimed on our McPherson Center for Health Facebook Page!

Starting Point: Hess Fitness Center

You will receive digital badges at each of the 7 Check Points!

1.       Coronado Heights 19.4 miles – Congratulations you have reduced your risk of cancer

2.       Marty Bender Nature Area in Salina  39 miles-Congratulations you have reduced your risk of heart disease

3.       Kanopolis State Park (Horse Thief Canyon Buffalo Trail 72.8 miles – Congratulations you have helped yourself control your glucose levels!

4.       Sand Hills State Park 116.6 miles Congratulations you have taken control of your mental health!  

5.       Harvey County East Park 156.1 miles Congratulations you have improved cognitive function!

6.      Hess Fitness Center @ McPherson Center for Health: 194.2 Miles completed! Outstanding! You have reduced your risk of all-cause & disease-specific, mortality, improved physical function & improved your quality of life!


"The Hess Express"  You Can! You Should!  If You Start You Will!


Swag:  A phenomenal performance t-shirt is available for purchase in the race "store".  This will be separate from the registration fee. Your shirt/shirts will be available for pick up at Hess Fitness Center or delivery (within city limits of McPherson) on February 1st. Option for shipping is available.


* To enter your mileage. Select "More", then "Results".  From there it will allow you to enter the results.


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