Elmer Eddy Waterway Stewards 24 Hour Cleanup Run

Event Date

Sat, Apr 5, 2014


Maysville, NC

About This Activity

Elmer Eddy was an avid paddler of the White Oak River in Eastern NC. He hated trash on the River and started picking it up. He did this until he was 91 years old and was able to get a few thousand people to join him. His group, the Waterway Stewards continue this effort today. In this very special run dedicated to Elmer Eddy and the Waterway Stewards we will be running miles of forest roads looking for and picking up trash. This isn't about who can go the furthest it's about a great cause, keeping our woods and waterways clean. You will need to self support, we will provide very minimal support during the event becuase it is a free event. Also, remember It's not about the miles, it's about the journey! If you are trying to break a personal record for 24 hours just email us and we can help you with that by setting up a course that will be accurately measured. You will actually have several routes you can choose from that will be named and color coded, you will run one retrieve a colored ban and bring it back to the support area where your mileage will be logged and choose another route to run! This wont be a totally boring run this way!

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