Kentucky Mudfest

Event Date

Sat, Aug 23, 2014


Maysville, KY

About This Activity

The Kentucky MudFest will be held on Saturday, August 23rd, 2014, and will offer both a 5K " The Filthy 5K" and a 10 mile," Ten Miles of Hell",  kick your butt obstacle course. The terrain was the home of Tough Mudder Kentucky 2012 & 2013. Both of which were considered to be two of the hardest events Tough Mudder has ever put on.  We plan on taking that a step further by making it an even more physically demanding course. The electric and ice water may be gone, but the mud and hills aren't !  Our obstacles, both natural and man-made, will test your strength and conditioning unlike anything Tough Mudder offered. This will not be an event for wimps and whinners!!  Get your teams together and start training NOW !!! 

Although this is not a race, it will be a timed event. The fastest time of the day, for each event, will take home a cash prize. $200 for "The Filthy 5K" and $500 for the "Ten Miles of Hell" !

            The Kentucky MudFest will be an all day event offering a variety of local food vendors, craft vendors, beer,  live music and fun. Bring the whole family and enjoy a great day of outdoor entertainment!


Race Descriptions:

The Filthy 5K is a 3.1 mile obstacle course, consisting of a series of challenging mental and physical activities that you and your team must navigate through. Unlike your "typical 5K" race you will be challenged by both man-made obstacles and wicked terrain. This will be a chip timed event, where challengers will be vying for the top prize of $200.00!! The Filthy 5k will include running, climbing, jumping, crawling, swimming, and balancing elements with the aim of testing your fitness, speed, strength, physical & mental endurance. Our course will feature at least 20 obstacles constructed to challenge every part of your body. These aren’t your pop-up kiddie obstacles seen at many local races, you will be climbing over walls, wading through waist deep mud, crawling through tunnels, and sliding down hills at top speeds. The Filthy 5K strikes the perfect balance of fun and physicality. We challenge you to challenge yourself! Let’s get Filthy!!!! 


The “Ten Miles of Hell” will be a course designed to test a person’s stamina and strength. Not just a series of manmade obstacles, but some of the toughest terrain Mother Nature has to offer. This property has been deemed as the home of two of the hardest Tough Mudder events, ever !! With hills of up to 400 ft of elevation change within a short distance, it promises to give you all you can handle. Throw in lots of mud, natural and manmade obstacles over a 10 mile distance, and we promise you’ll be asking, Tough Who????

FEED HUNGER GAMES is a partnership between AmeriCorps VISTA, Sleepy Hollow Adventures and Burn Personal Training and will be held in conjunction with Kentucky Mudfest.  Competition hopefuls will be asked to donate $10 for the opportunity to have their names placed in a lottery in hopes of being chosen to compete in the Feed Hunger Games.  Once the Filthy 5K and 10 Miles of Hell have come to an end, 24 names will be drawn from the hat and will be the competitors in Feed Hunger Games.  Competitors will be required to complete 12 individual challenges while defending themselves from attack by their fellow competitors. The last person standing will be named champion. 

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