"Heroes Fitness Challenge & 5K" & Kickball as part of "Heroes Freedom Festival & Motorcycle Rally Against Child Trafficking" for Second Chance & Stella's Voice

Event Date

Sat, Sep 13, 2014


Maumee, OH

About This Activity

"Heroes Fitness Challenge & 5K" from "Family-Fun" to "EXTREAME FITNESS COMPETITORS"!  Have you ever wanted to be a Super Hero?  See if you have what it takes to "Earn your Hero Cape" by surviving the physical challenges thrown down by our "Super Heros" or "Super Villans" along the 5 K course.  If you like the thrills excitement & comeradery of a "Mud Run" then you won't want to miss this!  What makes this different from a mun run?  Well... Besides the fact that you won't be covered in mud unless it rains that day?

Each "Hero Challenge" is catered and designed as a family friendly adventure from "Hero Cardio-Kickboxing" to "EXTREME SPEED, STRENGTH & ENDURANCE TESTS".  If you are here to test yourself then we will PUSH YOU!

If extreame is not your thing then simply run, jog or walk the 5K paved trail or consider the kickball game our mascot 13 year old "Be My Hero Billy" invented called "Hero Ball"!  It has a different set of rules that even 100 people can play all at once!  It is designed to last for almost 30 minutes but will keep you laughing all day!  Either way you can "Be My Hero Today" and know you have made a difference Fighting Child Trafficking in Toledo and around the world.  Kickball participants ALSO get 20 tickets that can be used for the carnival games or bouncy house!

See our website for the 7 rules of "Hero Ball" as well as all the other fun activities from 10 am until dark like the FREE Tricycle Races & Local Motorcycle run  www.bemyherotoday.com  The first 500 registered for the "Heroes Fitness Challenge & 5K" or "Be My Hero Billy's" version of Kickball called "Hero Ball" get a FREE Red Satin "Heroes Against Child Trafficking" Cape!  See our website!  Live bands and Live broadcasts from YES FM 89.3 and visit from WIOT 104.7 FM so tell your friends! All proceeds go to Toledo's very own Second Chance and Stella's Voice.  See their event pages posting this event and more information are available on the event website www.bemyherotoday.com Guest Speaker Theresa Flores Survivor & Author of The Slave Across the Street.

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