Endurance Challenge

Event Date

Sat, Oct 18, 2014


Marseilles, IL

About This Activity

The Endurance Challenge is brought to you by Dirt Runner and Reach Beyond Fitness. All categories will start at 8am.  The race consists of running laps on a 4 mile course and completing 30+ obstacles every lap.

Participants may choose to run with or without a ruck.  Ruck weight will be required to be 20% of your bodyweight, or maximum of 35lbs for men and 20lbs for women.   The following minimum numbers of laps have to be completed in each of the three categories.  During each lap all obstacles have to be completed.  Each obstacle may be attempted multiple times, if cannot be completed there is a 20 burpee penalty.  Tire Drag, Log Carry, and Barb Wire Crawl cannot be skipped by doing the burpee penalty.


4 Lap minimum (3 laps w/ obstacles, 1 lap with no obstacles)

3 Lap minimum for Ruck


6 Lap minimum

5 Lap minimum for Ruck


12 Lap minimum

10 Lap minimum for Ruck

Event details and schedule

Participants that finish the required number of laps in their category will get a Dirt Runner Endurance 6, 12, or 24Hr patch.  For those that finish the 6 or 12Hr challenge and want to keep going, may upgrade to the next level at no charge.  However if you do not complete the next level, you will not receive a patch for the one you already completed.


-the spear throw will be part of the course, and will be the only obstacle that will have to be completed on the first try every lap to avoid penalty.

-Participants will be required to stop at the check in booth after each lap to have their time recorded.  If you forget to do this and start on your next lap, that lap will not count.  If you remember , for example, a mile down the trail, you may return, check in, and start the lap over.

-Rucks will be weighed before and after the event.

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