CLR-45 Marine Corps Birthday Ball 2014

Event Date

Sat, Nov 1, 2014


Marietta, GA

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ACTIVE.COM REGISTRATION WEBSITE: ALL Ticket sales will be purchased online. NO CASH this year. The website is set up to cut off sales on October 25th IOT allow time for seating assignments to be manipulated for those who waited for the last minute to purchase tickets.

ARE YOU AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF CLR - 45: If you are not a member of CLR-45 or the guest of CLR-45 Marine or Sailor, you are required to register as a Non-affiliated guest and pay the Non-affiliated ticket price.

MARINES MUST PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THEIR GUESTS: In order to ensure that Marine's Guests are seated with them, we require all registration to be made by the Marine. This will keep the Marine's name assigned to the guests and will help us take better care of those in attendance. Random "John Doe" registrations make it difficult to know who is with who and will lead to OVER BOOKING of the event.

GUEST LIMITATIONS: Please limit guest totals to no more than (1) guest per Marine as space will be limited to 400 total people. Case-by-Case basis will be addressed through GySgt James as he is responsible for ticket sales and seating arrangements. These cases will not be addressed until after October 25th. This is to ensure that all Marines are provided an opportunity to purchase a seat in the Ballroom.

UNIFORM REGULATIONS: READ: MARINE CORPS ORDER P1020.34G W/CH 1-5 (UNIFORM REGS) Ensure that your uniforms are put together, fitted, altered and worn properly!

UNIFORM FOR EVENT: Wear your most senior uniform: Dress Blue "Alphas" (Medals) Dress Blue "Bravos" (Ribbons & Shooting Badges) Service Alphas (Ribbons & Shooting Badges) Mess Dress is optional. SNCO/OFFICERS: From now on only Blue trousers will be worn with Dress Blue A/B at the Birthday Ball per ALMAR 042/11.

YOUR GUESTS ATTIRE: Ensure that your spouse and/or guests are dressed appropriately - Evening gowns and dresses that are "CONSERVATIVE" and not revealing are appropriate - Miniskirts or leopard printed halter tops are examples of inappropriate attire - Suite and tie or sports jackets with dress shoes and slacks are examples of appropriate attire for males.

UNDERAGE GUESTS & CHILDREN: Children are welcome to attend. Please buy tickets for kids 5 yrs or older. They will need to be seated next to you. Children younger than 5 yrs are still welcome; however you must accept responsibility for them. Please escort the child out of the ballroom if they become a distraction during the ceremony. If your guest is under the age of 21 yrs, you MUST brief them on policies concerning alcohol and underage drinking. YOU will accept full responsibility and liabilities for their behavior.

MARINES IN THE COLOR GUARD: Those Marines's who are in the Color Guard will wear NO MEDALS and NO RIBBONS & BADGES for the Ceremony due to the Harness. After the Ceremony, you will place your Medals and/or Ribbons & Badges on.

DINNER: All attending personnel and their guests will be given the opportunity to choose a beef, chicken or vegetarian dinner that will be accompanied with vegetables and dinner rolls. Marine Corps Birthday Cake will be served as dessert.

BAR & DRINK PRICES: For all attendees that are over the age of 21, cash bars will be available in the area outside of the ballroom. Once the ceremony begins, the bars will be closed until after the ceremony. Do not attempt to bring your own Alcohol into the facility.

BEHAVIOR: Do not get drunk prior to the ceremony! If you become a distraction during the ceremony, you and your guests will be TOLD to leave and not return. Do not attempt to bring your own Alcohol into the facility. It is against their policy.

HOTEL & BILLETING POLICY: 1. All Marines will be required to sign up for Ball billeting/reservations during the October Drill. Marines who live outside of the 50 miles (FROM THE DRILL CENTER) will be required to sign the roster.

2. Those Marines residing within 50 miles will be required to pay for the entirety of their room. The rate quoted is $79.00 a night.

3. Those Marines requesting an individual room (not shared with another Marine) will need to identify with a “Yes” in the Individual room block of the billeting roster. Marines selecting this option will be required to pay for ½ of their room. The Marine’s cost for his room will be $39.50 a night. This status will apply to the entirety of the Marine’s stay (i.e. no Doubling up with another Marine on Friday and moving to a single on Saturday)

4. Marines requesting to billet as usual will indentify this by a “No” in the individual billeting block and will be put in with another Marine and will incur no personal cost.

5. Those Marines listed under paragraphs 2 and 3 will be required to place a personal credit card on their room for their share of costs. Any reservations in those categories that have not been secured with personal credit cards will be cancelled after October 28th. Recommitting cancelled billeting will become subject to availability.

6. Any Marine who was not available to sign the roster in October will need to submit a “Ball Individual Billeting Request” NLT October 5th.

7. After October 5th all unreserved rooms will be released and billeting at the Marriot will become subject to availability.

All Marine billeting questions should be addressed to Sgt Troch or SSgt Freeman at 678-655-4390. Reservations can be made at the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Conference Center at or by calling 770.427.2500 . BE SURE TO ADVISE THAT YOU ARE ATTENDING THE MARINE CORPS BALL ON NOVEMBER 1st IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNTED RATE.

PARKING @ Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Conference Center: Parking is available in the parking lot in front of the main entrance of the hotel/conference left.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:Birthday Ball e-mails will be sent out to all personnel regarding any updates or changes. If you are not getting e-mails, please call GySgt James will add you to his distribution list

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