The Gauntlet

Event Date

Fri, Feb 27, 2015


Macon, GA

About This Activity

We’ve taken the storied tradition of ‘Running the Gauntlet’ and adapted it to less of a dishonor and more a series of challenges over 24 hours designed to repeatedly refine the faction of competitors until one sole victor is brutally evident. A point system will be used and on full display throughout the competition for competitors to gauge their standing throughout the event. Head to head competitions will also be used to determine those that can continue on to subsequent stages. Pride, ego and even arrogance will be routinely tested & on full display for all to see, but dishonor will not be tolerated. Our attitude is “if you aren’t giving it your 100% best, you’re cheating”, and not the opposite. At predetermined times during the event all remaining participants will be gathered together & offered an opportunity to "Throw Down the Gauntlet". All parties will be given a brief opportunity to state their case before facing off in a head to head match. We feel these unique aspects will result in a one of kind environment & experience for our participants like no other currently offered in the sport. So we’re Calling YOU Out, & Throwing Down OUR Gauntlet to see if you have what it takes to Run the Gauntlet!? Do YOU have it in you?

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