Event Date

Sat, Feb 6, 2016


Livonia, MI


About This Activity

This event happens EVERY Saturday, absent poor running conditions, at 9am (October - May) and 8am (June - September). Free, timed, 5k. All someone has to do is register one time at the worldwide (12 countries!) parkrun site ( and receive an ID # and the ability to print bar codes. The participant brings a copy of the bar code (can be used over and over) to the event - no need to enroll in any particular day prior to showing up. Everyone starts at the same time and at as each person crosses the finish line they are handed a parkrun bar code which denotes their place. Meanwhile a parkrun volunteer (all race day functions as well as local back-office administration are handled by volunteers) notes on a special stop watch / handheld scanner the position and time. The position bar code is scanned along with the participant's ID bar code and now the participant's time and position are in the worldwide data base. Race results are posted at the local parkrun website each week. In the US there are five cities with a parkrun and thanks to Rick and Lori Brauer, Spencer and Jennifer, and a host of regulars Livonia is fortunate to be one of them. The course, at Bicentennial Park, is a nice mix of grass, woodland trail, and asphalt.

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