Ansanm Nou Fo-Run for Haiti

Event Date

Sun, Aug 31, 2014


Liverpool, NY

About This Activity

Ansanm Nou Fo - Run for Haiti is the first sanctioned and timed 5K for Stone by Stone, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable healthcare and education for a 9 village cooperative in the mountainous region near Cabaret Haiti.  It is a 7 mile walk up the mountain road from Cabaret to Desab, which is the most central of the villages.  The local community walks this route regularly to go to market to buy and sell.  Without Fanmi Lasante, the clinic in Desab, villagers must walk 3-4 hours to seek out healthcare.  They walk many miles to gather water at the capped off spring in the village of Dotel.  The children walk many miles to attend one of three schools in the cooperative.   On August 31, we will run for them.  The money raised through this 5K will support the mission and programs of Stone by Stone.  On behalf of the staff of Fanmi Lasante and the thousands of people in the community that we serve, we thank you for running with us!

Event details and schedule

Fun Run starts at 9am, and the 5K at 9:45am.

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