FrogHops "Arctic Frog" 50k | 25k | 15k

Event Date

Sat, Dec 6, 2014


Libertyville, IL

About This Activity

Tough course, but fair. Come TEST yourself! 

The course features an awesome winter wonderland come December each year.

Come celebrate the beginning of winter weather with us running trails and hills in Independence Grove and some parts of Des Plaines River Trails.

Event details and schedule

1. START TIME: All Race Category starts at the same place and time.

2. PACKET PICK-UP: Will be on Race Day Only

3. TIMING: Electronically Chip Timed

4. CUT-OFF TIMES: 50k participants have 8 hours while 25k and 15k participants have 4 hours to complete the race.

50k participants that has NOT completed the 2nd loop by noon (12:00 AM). Will be automatically dropped to the next Race Category (25k).

50k runners that made the cut-off time will be allowed to finish pass 4:00 PM but no more than 5:00 PM as the Forest Preserves CLOSES around that time. For the record, he/she will be noted/marked as having used-up the MAXIMUM allowed time of eight (8) hours.

Similarly, IF a runner is having a "bad-day" for whatever reason have to let the RD know he/she is DROPPING to 25k and received a 25k Race Buckle respectively.

Race category DROP-DOWNS will be automatically out of the runnings for an Monetary Award, Trophy or Age Group Competition (NO award, but bragging rights).

5. DNF(s): MUST turn their BIBs at the Registration Table by AS No. 1

6. COURSE INFO: The course will be a combination of pavement, trail and perhaps "IF" lucky snow. It will be a "double track" | "loop/out and back" trail run. I termed it that way because though it may qualify as a loop. It really isn't, because the course goes this way:

Segment No. 1 --- START/AS No. 1 go west 1.5 miles halfway around Independence Grove Forest Preserve which is a 3.1 mile loop

Segment No. 2 --- At 1.5 mile or so, go LEFT onto a Bridge that will take you 1.0 mile SOUTH into DPR Trails

Segment No. 3 --- Go back NORTH on DPR Trails back into the Bridge taking you back into Independence Grove

Segment No. 4 --- Once back in Independence Grove, run up the HILL into the out-trail going NORTH of DPR Trails for 1 1/8 mile onto Start / AS No. 1

Segment No. 5 --- From AS No. 2 run back heading SOUTH 1 1/8 miles back to Independence Grove and go LEFT heading EAST to finish the other half of that 3.1 mile loop back to AS No. 1.

That being said, it will be this way:
a. 50k: 7.75 (7 3/4) miles x 4 = 31 miles
b. 25k: 7.75 (7.3/4) miles x 2 = 15.5 miles
c. 15k: 3.1 miles x 3 = 9.3 miles

7. AID STATION(S): Two (2) major Aid Stations, in it will be Music, Banana, Oranges, Pop (Soda), Cookies, GU, Chicken Broth and Ramen Noodles, Water, Accelerade, Salt Sticks, Nuun Tablets

8. RESTROOMS: Male/Female Restroom is WEST or to your LEFT if facing the Independence Grove “Welcome Center.”

9. DROP BAGS: Runners may have two (2) DROP BAGS for this race. They are at AS No. 1 and 2.

10. WHAT TO WEAR: AS Tents will have Heaters but come ready for COLD weather and running in the snow regardless of the weather forecast. This Chicago after all … The weather does turn for the worst rather quickly!

11. WEATHER: We will post a 10 day Forecast and update YOU as necessary.

12. PACER(S): NO

1. AS – Aid Station
2. AS No. 1 is Start/Finish | Major AS
3. AS No. 2 | Manned | Major AS

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