Underwater Video Taping and Stroke Correction

Event Date

Sat, Nov 1, 2014


Las Vegas, NV

About This Activity

You'll be surprised at what you see under the water!

Most swimmers will never have the opportunity to see how they move through the water, and even if they do they don't know how to correct what they see. Above water analysis is not sufficient to make you a better swimmer. 

Videotaping your stroke underwater along with proven stroke correction methods will give you a close-up look at the mechanics that propel you and the correct way to fix your kick and streamline your stroke. 
Your video is a permanent record used to chart your progress. We will critique and compare your technique with elite swimmers frame by frame and provide you with the best possible way of correcting what doesn't work.
Using the only Underwater Stroke Analysis (USA) Camera in Southern Nevada, we will videotape your stroke from 4 different angles so you can see all angles of your stroke, a stroke consultation, a video link of your technique and up to 4 drills to correct errors in your freestyle stroke.  Space is limited and slots fill up quickly. 
We make every effort to have the equipment and coaches ready for you when you arrive.  Due to the nature of this session, make-ups or refunds are not available. 

Event details and schedule

Bring: Goggles, fins and a pull buoy.

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