Race of Thrones Series

Event Date

Tue, Nov 1, 2016


Kissimmee, FL

About This Activity

Winter is Coming and it's time to join your Westeros house for battle. Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Martell, Baratheon - we all have our favorites. This winter, CosplayRun will be hosting its first of two series events - look for direwolves in our Winterfell 5K, beware the lions in our Kings Landing 5K, keep your cool around the dragons in our Dragonstone 5K, check out black stags in our Storm's End 5K, and enjoy the golden roses in our Highgarden 5K.

All event medals will be the same, but each house will have a different coin with the event name and house sigil imprinted on it to represent your family loyalty and valor during the series. You may compete for one family by signing up for an individual race, or form alliances by participating in two or more to gain more house coins. Remember, alliances will prove useful in the second part of the series when you compete for the Iron Throne by giving your house(s) additional points. Each earned coin will be worth 5 points, and purchased coins will be worth 2.

It's time to don your running armor and begin your journey to the Iron Throne!


As with all of CosplayRun's events, this is meant to be fun and there are no timing or pace requirements. You may complete all the race distances at your convenience - walk, jog, run, out or indoors, all at once or divided throughout the event dates. All our racers are welcome to submit their times or even photos from their race on our Facebook event page - we love seeing all of you on your big day!

All individual race packages will contain the medal, race bib, event coin, and custom Race of Thrones car decal; multiple race packages will contain one medal, all race bibs registered for, all event coins registered for, and one custom Race of Thrones car decal. Packages will ship December 31, January 30, February 28, and March 15.

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